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Juan Williams May 29, 2019
Fox Political Analyst and Author
Fox Political Analyst and Author

Juan Williams is one of America’s leading political writers and thinkers. Mr. Williams is a top political analyst for Fox Television, co-host of the daily talk show ‘The Five’ and a regular panelist for Fox News Sunday and Special Report. He is a former award winning Washington Post columnist, White House correspondent and NPR senior news correspondent.  He was also the host of NPR’s nationally broadcast afternoon talk show.  In addition to prize-winning op-ed columns and editorial writing for The Washington Post, he has also authored seven books, including three best sellers. His notable books include “Eyes on the Prize”, “Thurgood Marshall- American Revolutionary” and “Muzzled – The Assault on Honest Debate”.


As one of the nation’s most influential journalists, Mr. Williams is in constant contact with American political leaders from the President to members of Congress and the Supreme Court.  His understanding of American history and his inside access to Washington politics gives him a unique and informed voice as an analyst of current events.  In 2000, NPR selected Williams to host their afternoon talk show, “Talk of The Nation,” and in two years he brought the show’s ratings to record heights.  His daring perspectives on American politics, race, and culture are based on his historical understanding, political expertise, and knowledge of diversity.  
In a 21-year career at The Post Mr. Williams served as an editorial writer, op-ed columnist, prize winning investigative reporter, top magazine writer and White House correspondent.   He won several journalism awards for his writing and investigative reporting.  He also won an Emmy Award for TV documentary writing.  He was given widespread, critical acclaim for a series of documentaries including Politics-The New Black Power.  His documentary on A. Phillip Randolph was featured nationally on PBS.  
Mr. Williams has appeared on TV news programs ranging from “Meet The Press” to “Oprah” to “Arsenio” to “Inside Washington”, “Crossfire”, where he served as a co-host, and “America’s Black Forum”, which he hosted for a decade.  ESPN featured Mr. Williams as a commentator for their series on Top Athletes of the 20th Century. He has also written for The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, GQ, New Republic and Ebony.
Joe Mettimano Jun 05, 2019
President and CEO, Central Union Mission
President and CEO, Central Union Mission

Mr. Mettimano has nearly three decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, including leadership roles with organizations such as Global Impact, Prison Fellowship, World Vision, UNICEF USA and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. With these and other organizations, he served causes as varied as global poverty, prisoner transformation, malaria, child sex trafficking and the environment through his advocacy, communications, fundraising and marketing roles. His personal involvement with the homeless community spans over 20 years, including serving for the past seven years as a pastor on the streets in Washington, DC, where he preaches every Wednesday night and leads a weekly outreach with food distribution and a time of fellowship. His Christian faith and ministry commitments have allowed him to serve in a variety of ministry roles during the past 25 years. He is an ordained associate pastor and elder at The Orchard Church, in Arlington, VA. Mr. Mettimano graduated cum laude from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in communication, and he received additional training at The George Washington University School of Continuing Studies.

Admiral (ret.) Paolo Bembo Jun 12, 2019
Editor, Italian Navy League Magazine and President, Italian Association of Naval Painters

Rear Admiral (retired) Paolo Bembo served for over 40 years in the Italian Navy. He served for 14 years on various naval vessels and commanded a class of cadets at the Italian Naval College Morosini in Venice.

From 1992 to 1995, Bembo was assigned as National Naval Representative and Navigation Teacher at the U.S. Naval Academy, in Annapolis, Maryland. While serving in that position he received many letters of commendation and was nominated “Master Instructor”, the highest qualification for teachers without an american PhD. He obtained the Officer in Charge qualification for the Yard Patrol Boats and was in command of two of those craft during the summer cruises with the midshipmen, one of the few Italian officers having been in charge of a US vessel. While serving at the USNA, during the summer of 1994 he has acted as representative for the Academy in San Diego, California, to organize the work of the midshipmen (about a thousand) on board the Third Fleet’s units. While in Annapolis he also cooperated with the local Naval Museum to organize an exhibit about the Naval Painter Rudolf Claudus.

On his return to Italy, Bembo was assigned to the Navy External Relations Committee and then served as Chief of Protocol at the Department of the Navy. He was then in put in charge of the Internal Communication Office and served as executive editor of “Notiziario della Marina”, the Navy magazine, Commander Bembo afterwards became executive editor of the magazine “Rivista Marittima,” the leading cultural magazine of the Italian Navy. In June 2002 he was assigned in New Zealand as Liaison Officer to the Royal New Zealand Navy on the occasion of the tour around the world of the sailing training ship “Amerigo Vespucci”. After leaving New Zealand he was assigned to the Cabinet of the Minister of Defense as assistant to the diplomatic counselor to the Minister and Chief of the International Relations Section. 

Admiral Bembo retired in 2013 and became Editor of the Italian Navy League magazine. 

Throughout both his professional and non-professional activity Adm. Bembo has offered conferences and lectures on many subjects which form the vast field of his interest: Naval History, Maritime and Naval Painting, Middle Ages Cartography, and Strategy. A lover of ancient and modern art, he has written hundreds of articles about this subject for Italian and foreign magazines and he has also written five books on the same subject. A member of the Italian Military History Society and of the Italian Geographical Society, he is now a professional journalist, enrolled in the journalist guild since the year 2000. As “freelancer”, he writes occasionally for different magazines, including Arte Navale, Rivista Marittima, Notiziario della Marina, Yacht Digest, Naval History, Proceedings, Nautica, Vela e Motore, Mondo Sommerso, Lega Navale, Bollettino d’Archivio dell’Ufficio Storico della Marina, and Gazzetta di Istanbul.

Admiral Bembo holds undergraduate degrees from the Italian Naval Academy and New York State University, and graduate degrees from the University of Trieste, the Istituto di Guerra Marittima, and the US Naval War College.

He is a voracious reader enjoys fly fishing. In the past he has been a civilian aviator and has practiced target shooting, becoming pistol champion of the Italian Navy for two years. He has also been a parachutist. He is married to Adriana Mandraffino. They have one daughter, Cristiana, a full time teacher of circus acrobatics.

Lisa McCurdy Jun 26, 2019
President, Rotary Club of Washington, DC
President, Rotary Club of Washington, DC

Please join outgoing President Lisa McCurdy for her final President's Assembly, as we look back on her successful year as Club President.