Our flagship international project this year has been a global grant for project Muso put together by Maria Nelly Pavisich. Quetin Wodon wrote a blog on Muso for the World Bank on the occasion of malaria day (which is April 25).  
For more than a year Maria Nelly Pavisich has been working on a global Rotary grant for Muso, an award wining community-based healthcare program in Mali.  The Rotary Foundation has approved a grant for about $150,000 that Muso, and this follows on a previous grant of $66,000 that Maria Nelly had put together while with the Capitol Hill club. Quentin Wodon wrote a blog - based on a section of his recent book - for the World Bank on Muso. The blog was published today on the occasion of world malaria day. The link to the blog is:http://blogs.worldbank.org/health/fighting-malaria-and-reducing-child-mortality-factor-ten

Congratulations again to Maria Nelly for working tirelessly on behalf of Muso. a truly great project. In the last 5 years, Maria Nelly worked with a wide global network of Rotarians in the Washington Metropolitan area, Mali, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong committed to the fight against malaria and child survival.