The District is hosting 14 Youth Exchange students from MD and PA coming in to DC on Nov 16th (Sat) and leaving Nov 17th (Sun). Saturday will be touristing and Sunday a scavenger hunt prior to heading back to PA.
They need the following support:
- Students arrive in DC Sat 1PM - need to have 3-4 Rotarians leading groups showing them around DC (Mall area - monuments) from 1pm til 4 or 5 pm seeing the sites.
- Estimate 8 girls and 7 boys - so figure on 4-6 families to host (2 for boys and 2 for girls). Pick up time will be 5 pm - will anticipate host family will feed students for dinner and keep them over night. Sunday drop off at (a location downtown TBD) by 1100am. - Students will be doing a scavenger hunt and will wrap up at 3pm.
- Drivers needed to take students to Baltimore for PA family pick up. (6 girls and 4 boys). I will have the MD students picked up separately. Students picked up at 3pm in DC and dropped at a location TBD north of Baltimore (anticipate Hunt Valley)
- 3 Rotarians Sat - to show and tell in DC/Mall area form 1pm - 5pm
- 4 to 6 host families (or less with bigger home capacity) - to host 15 students Sat eve

- 2 to 4 drivers (unless one has access to a van) to take students to Baltimore

If you can help host or volunteer, please contact Jennifer Hara.