Wendt Center Launches Services for Military Personnel Exposed to Trauma

The Wendt Center has always been a resource for veterans or military personnel seeking services.  Now, for the first time ever, the Center is launching a unique program specifically designed for veterans and active duty military.  Thanks to a new grant from the Special Foundation Grant Program of the Rotary  Club, the Center will be able to reach out to servicemen and women who have been exposed to trauma and may be dealing with PTSD, depression, anxiety, or other negative consequences.  Recent, alarming statistics have indicated that suicide now surpasses combat injury as a cause of death among military personnel. With its recognized expertise in trauma treatment and several clinical staff who are well- versed in military culture, the Center is well-suited to undertake this much-needed work in our community.   Therapist Lynda Martin-McCormick and intern Chaz Holman were instrumental in laying the foundation for this  new initiative.

(from The Wendt Center Today e-newsletter, May 2013)

The Wendt Center was one of two $20,000 Special Grant recipients in 2013 through the Club and its Foundation's Community Service Grant program.