Rotarians Estela Landeros, Glynis Long, Maria Nelly Pavisich, Hal Vaughn, and Mark Wilson participated in the Rotary District (7620) Forum on Saturday August 18th, 2012.

The meeting, Chaired by fellow Rotarian, Lisa Marie Monsanto, discussed project proposals for possible financing with both Global and/or District Grants.  It was a useful outing and we had a chance to discuss the following:

(i) Glynis's Turkey Breast Cancer Center Project. This is the first Vocational Training Project (VTT) in the district and was well received by the Meeting and is well advanced in the financing process;

(ii) Estela's India Rainwater Harvesting.  This is at the proposal stage and was also well received with some useful feedback on technical points; and

(iii) Hal (and Susan O'Neal's) Thailand Rescue Center for Girls.

Although not on the official agenda, the District Committee kindly allowed Hal to make a brief presentation along with another club's India Eye Screening Project.  This was a simple "heads up" on potential future projects which are in the early stages of proposal formulation.  Lisa Marie, Andy Baum and Steve King also effectively linked several of the dozen or so presenters to other clubs with relevant experience on their specific project idea.  Hal's experience on an HIV/AIDS project in Africa was highlighted a couple of times. We await the Minutes of the Forum and the decisions on financing.