Over the past year there have been four trips by seven Rotarians (Wilson, Cohen, Messer, Charles, Kanda, Barnes and Pyle) to Lucea, Jamaica to work in partnership with the Lucea Rotary Club in providing service and to  shape additional opportunities for our membership to participate in direct service.  

Below is a summary of initiatives and opportunities for participation.

EDUCATION:  Primary school education in Jamaica is understaffed and under resourced.  This is particularly true of a little primary school (3 teachers) in the St. Simon Primary school in the hills above Lucea.  The school needs assistance with both direct teaching/tutroring  and materials.  The head teacher has asked for help with reading/math assistance, arts and crafts, and recreation.  A trip is being planned by Rotarian Messer in April.  Please see Don for details on how you can be involved.

MEDICAL:  There is a small hospital and several medical clinics that need assistance with both supplies and continuing medical education.  Rotarians Charles and Kanda have reviewed the needs and are assisting with meeting equipment as well as planning continuing medical education seminars.  Please see either one of them for more information on how you can be of assistance.

ENVIRONMENTAL:  Jamaica and its economy is vulnerable to environmental challenges that go unmet.  One of those is the potential loss of the reefs and and marine life due to the infestation of "Lion Fish."  Rotarian Hancock is taking the lead to see how we can assist with a Rotary International grant to meet this need.  

SPORTS:   Rotarian Cohen is shaping a program to help the youth of Lucea in their physical fitness and life skills by utilizing her talents as a world champion boxer.  Lisa needs assistance in how her vision can be realized.  Please take a few minutes to talk with Lisa about her project and how you might be able to assist either directly or in-directly.