What should I tell my friends about Rotary to encourage them to join?
Tell them about one of the Club's community or world service projects. Tell them about the Dictionary project or a Rotary event in which you have participataed. Or share the words of Betsy Demaray, District 6290 Governor, 2000-01: "I sit here in a small community farther north than many places. I am pretty insignificant. I may have an impact on a few people around me. I can help with community projects, but I can't change the world -- but maybe I can. By joining Rotary, I can rid the world of polio! By being a Rotarian, I can provide clean water to villages with none. By being part of this wonderful organization, I can save lives, feed children, make the blind to see and educate the poorest of the poor. By being a Rotarian, I can leave a legacy of help, caring and love to the entire planet . . . me, one insignificant person from a small town up north. I am a Rotarian to leave the world a better place than I found it."