Over the last two years Divya, Naina, and Quentin Wodon conducted research for the district through surveys and interviews of Rotarians. The book with their findings is about to be published!
This research is now available in a book published by Palgrave Macmillan entitled "Membership in Service Clubs: Rotary's Experience".  The book considers seven questions: What is the membership challenge faced by clubs?; Who are their members, and how satisfied are they with their club experience?; How can areas for growth be identified?; How can clubs innovate to attract and retain members?; How much service work do clubs engage in?; What types of work do they do, and what makes projects successful?; And finally, how can district events be more engaging? As DG Peter Kyle wrote, "the book should be required reading for members of service clubs around the world and for those interested in evaluating the contributions of volunteers."  The book can be ordered through Palgrave Macmillan, but If club members would like to get it at a 50% discount, please send an email to Quentin at wqtjj@yahoo.com to reserve a copy through the group order that Quentin will place..