President Abe opened the meeting at 12:36 pm, requested everyone silence all cell phones and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Peter Danjczek led the Words of Inspiration.  He spoke about how important it is to continue acts of kindness in trying times.  He mentioned that during WWII his family was all but lost, except for the help from Rotary.  Continuing in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Peter is proud to call himself a Rotarian.
Secretary Nicole Butler called names of guests and visiting Rotarians.
As acting Sergeant-at-Arms Catherine Pociask then announced the birthdays –and anniversaries.
May O’Brien and Mimi Kanda spoke briefly about the ISC and how they have distinguished themselves in business, academia, and government. Founded by students in 1934, the Conferences share a history of creative and compassionate leadership. Both May and Mimi encouraged Rotarian participation. 
President Abe also reminded everyone that September 7th is the fellowship Happy Hour at University Club, sponsored by May O’Brien.  He also mentioned he’ll be hosting an additional fellowship event October 1st at his sister’s residence and Howard Davis will be hosting an event “around the fire”.
Gretchen Kearny introduced the guest speakers, Malcom Young (Project New Opportunity) and Norman Brown (Prisoner Reentry into Society – after 24.5 years in Prison, Norman is now employed as the Deputy Project Director at Project New Opportunity).   Malcolm gave a bit of background on the Project New Opportunity and its goals to have every individual reentered into society never return to the correctional system; he then introduced Norman Brown.  Norman spoke about his experience as a young man entering into prison.  He then talked about the changes and challenges throughout the last two decades within the prison system and regular society.  He was proud of his accomplishments in Project New Opportunity and wants troubled youth to understand the gravity of entering into a correctional facility.
Following an engaging question and answer session, President Abe presented the tree certificate to both gentlemen.
Matt Ford ran the raffle for the week.
Hospitality was run by Ken Brown, Stu Shalloway, and Joseph Maberry.
The Greeter for the week was Bob Johnson (new member).
President Abe adjourned the weekly meeting with final remarks at 1:30p.m.