President David called the meeting to order at 12:30 and opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Words of Inspiration were delivered by Susan Pausky.


The Secretary’s Report was given by Lynn Holec, who announced the following guests of Rotarians and visiting Rotarians:

Jonathan Hodgdon, Guest of Jim Lanning
Marilyne Jallad, Guest of Nadia Saad
Patricia Langan, Guest of Ken Kimbrough
Emily Lewis, guest of Donnie Shaw
Mark Mogle, Guest of Elena Tscherny
Peter Morris, Guest of Kathy Ward
Mary Lynn Qurnell, Guest of Erminia Scarcella
Christine Warnke, Guest of Dr. Sam Hancock
Jackie Wheeler, Guest of Estela Landeros-Dugourd
Melinda Wittstock, Guest of Kathy Ward
Dario Zucchi, Guest of Erminia Scarcella
Visiting Rotarian Samuel Brock, West Metro Rotary Club
Visiting Rotarian Hilda Montrull, RC Cerro de Las Rosas, Argentina, and District Governor of Rotary  District 4815
Visiting Rotarian Pat Beehler, Rotary Club of So. Puget Sound

Sergeant-at-Arms Peggy Schoen announced the Birthdays of the Week:

  • Irene Koerner – September 23
  • Jay Pugh – September 24
  • Donnie Shaw – September 27
  • Susan O’Neal – September 28
  • Norm Coe – September 29

Jennifer Hara gave the Foundation Moment.  She informed us that contributing to the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International funds the Rotary Youth Exchange program.  Jennifer participated in the program in her youth, when she was in high school, and lived in Spain for a year.  Jennifer stated the experience changed her life and had a major influence on her both personally and professionally.

President David announced that the International Service Committee will meet on Tuesday, October 2, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. in the Rotary Office.

President David asked if anyone in the club was a Water Engineer who could work with Estela Landeros-Dugourd on the Rainwater Harvesting Project in India to respond to issues raised by our Rotary District.  Anyone having such expertise or knowing someone who does should contact Maria Nelly Pavisich.

President David announced that he had represented our club at the Centenary Gala of the Rotary Club of Edinburgh, Scotland, in Edinburgh on Friday evening, September 21.  The next morning, at an informal gathering, President David gave the Rotary Club of Edinburgh a gift from us:  a silver-plate Revere bowl engraved "Rotary Club of Edinburgh/Rotary Club of Washington, D.C./Our Centennials 1912-2012."

President David also announced that our Mardi Gras-themed fundraiser is scheduled for February 9, 2013.  The committee needs donations for the silent and live auctions and volunteers for committees.

President David announced that the Rotary Club of Alexandria is having a fundraiser called the “Taste of Giving“ on Friday, October 5, 2012, at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria.  The tickets are $75 per person and the proceeds will go to support their Foundation.  President David has further details.

Past President Howard reminded everyone that the Habitat Build Day is Saturday, September 29.  He said that volunteers are still needed and you can sign up on-line. He asked every volunteer who has already signed up to come forward to accept a small gift that we hope will be needed this weekend—sunblock!

President David presented Monish Dutt with his Blue Badge which means he completed the 10 steps to become a full member.

A New Member Talk was given by Monica Smith.

Erminia Scarcella introduced the speaker of the day, Sister Mary Owens of The Children of God Institute of Kenya.   Sister Mary runs “Nyumbani Children’s Home”, an orphanage for children living with HIV virus located in eastern Kenya.  Sister Mary is a member of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her first professional training was in education.  She came as a missionary to Kenya in 1969.  She went back to school to become a Psychological Counselor in her native country of Ireland.

In her remarks, Sister Mary stated that the Nybani Children’s Home celebrated its 20th Anniversary on September 8.  The home was found in 1992 in Nairobi, Kenya, by the Late Reverend Angelo D’Agostino, S.J., M.D., a U.S. physician, psychiatrist, and Jesuit priest, to care for the abandoned children who inherit the HIV virus from their mothers and who have become orphans because their parents have died of AIDS.  The home also cares for grandparents, who are paired with children into families.  She said that the home started as a hospice because until 2000, they were unable to obtain anti-retrovirals, so the children all died.  Now that they have access to anti-retroviral medication, the children are thriving.

Through the assistance of USAID funding, Sister Mary stated that they began community-based activities which have made the community self-supporting.  Futhermore, Father D’Agostino undertook the creation of a state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory so that skilled professionals can closely monitor  the level of HIV virus in blood samples taken from the children.  In 2005, the Nyumbani Village in Kitui, Kenya was created.  The village has 100 houses so that 100 grandparents whose children have died of AIDS can care for 1000 children whose parents have died of AIDS.  With the completion of the village and 8 community centers, the Nymbani Children’s Home provides care for 4,100 children who have the HIV virus.

Sister Mary stated their biggest challenge now is that the drugs available to treat the disease no longer works for some of the children.  Some of children need third-line antriretrovirals because they have built up a resistance to first-line and second-line medications.  She stated that the medication needs to be made more widely available, because if a highly resistant line of the virus develops, it could spread like wildfire across the globe. 

In her final remarks, Sister Mary commended the Rotary Club for its efforts in this area and asked that we continue our efforts.

President David presented Sister Mary Owens with our Tree Certificate signifying our intention to plant a tree in her honor to beautify the environment.

Past President Howard won the raffle, ending Ken Kimbrough’s two-week winning streak. Howard did not win the large pot so it continues to grow.

The raffle was managed by new member Casey Mauldin.  The hospitality table was manned by Balraj Gupta and Ted Hamady. Our greeters today were Ken Kimbrough and Jay Pugh.  The Meeting in Review was done by Renee McPhatter.  The speaker at next week’s meeting will be Ambassador Shankar P. Sharma, Ambassador of Nepal to the United States.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.