We had a dynamic and exciting meeting on September 25, 2013. Before lunch, Tony Cusack and Eric Fraint greeted us. Ted Hamady, Balraj Gupta, Stu Shalloway and Norman Coe provided hospitality. Nobutoshi Hanai sold the week’s raffle tickets.

President Shaun called us to order at 12:30 PM and then led the Pledge of Allegiance. John Jackson inspired us with a recounting of all the good things Rotary does and noted that we’d be called upon to do even more at today’s meeting. Tim Hurd announced a large number of guests of Rotarians and Rotarians visiting from other countries and asked visiting American Rotarians to introduce themselves. Guests included: Jim Paul of Innovative Justice Solutions, a prospective member, there as a guest of the Club; Ashley Van Meter, guest of Susan Pausky; Scott Pannick of Great Gulf and guest of Ken Kimbrough; Diego Grajales, guest of Memo Grajales; Eduardo del Buey, Cross Hairs Communications, member applicant and guest of Haleh Vaziri; Juliana Cardona, The Washington Center Intern, prospective Rotaract member, guest of Shelly Williams. Novin Afrouz of Club San Carlo in Milan, Italy, but also a prospective member, also joined us. Welcome also to visiting Rotarians from local and distant Clubs.

Announcements: Nancy Riker announced that the dictionaries to be distributed to third graders around DC were in and now available to be picked up at the office. We still need volunteers for two schools. Peggy Schoen announced that the next Fireside Chat will be on September 29 at 5:30-7:00 PM and asked us please to sign up on our web site. There is also a Happy Hour on September 26 starting at 5:30 PM at the Dirty Martini on Connecticut Ave, NW. Heather Jaffan gave a New Member speech about her long association with Rotary and her own professional international work.

David Treadwell announced the birthdays: Pat Kavanaugh - Sept 22: Ever wonder who keeps track of all our classifications, and makes sure each one is unique? That's Classifications Chair Pat Kavanaugh.  Past President Pat (2003-04) joined our club in 1984. He was sponsored by Paul Lenz and his classification is Law: General Practice. Irene Koerner - Sept 23. Irene was sponsored by Geri Hansen when she joined our club in 2004. Her classification is Government Service: Regulatory Compliance. Jay Pugh - Sept 24: Finance Committee Chair Jay joined our club in 1972. He served as club president in 1984-85. He was sponsored by Robert McBrier and his classification is Department Stores!

President Shaun introduced our fellow member Dick Pyle for the program. Dick told us that September 25, 2013 will mark a special day in our Club’s history. It is the day that we begin the process to initiate an ongoing fundraising effort as part of our Club’s activities. The purpose of today’s program was to tap into the limitless amount of talent and energy represented in our membership. We were asked to brainstorm, assess, and then present ideas for a project that the Club can then undertake.  Thus, each table of members and guests was asked to generate the three best ideas from each table for providing to Hal Vaughn who will then guide the process through the ultimate selection process. The members began to buzz with discussion and ideas and a few selected table reporters shared their good ideas as a sampling of what the process generated. It is likely to be a historic day indeed.

President Shaun asked Dick to pick the winning lottery ticket. It was won by Pat Kavanaugh who lost the large pot of $319 but won the small one of $40.   Shaun then reminded us to turn our cells phones back on and adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM