President David called the meeting to order at 12:30 and opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. He explained that long time member Strong Legs Richardson, who is celebrating his birthday on Friday, was hoping to be at the meeting to deliver the inspiration. However he suffered a fall last week and was disappointed that he was not able to make the meeting. Everyone present at the meeting sends the very best wishes to Strong Legs for a speedy recovery!
The inspiration message was delivered by Russ Savage, who ended with importance of “letting go.”

The Secretary’s report was given by Christa McClure, who announced the following guests of Rotarians and visiting Rotarians:

Steve Genung, Guest of Paula Delo and Joel Alperstein

Visiting Rotarian Mary Anne Grant, RC Charlottesville

President David took a Foundation Moment to inform us about the International Rotary Peace and Conflict Study’s Fellowships and that a former Alumni who studied under one of the Fellowships will be volunteering his time to work on President David’s Signature Peace Project for this year.

President David presented Nadia Saad with her recognition as a Paul Harris fellow for her support of the Rotary Foundation.

Sergeant-at-Arms Peggy Schoen announced the Birthdays of the Week:

  • Monish Dutt - Sept 16
  • Hal Vaughn - Sept 16
  • Howard Davis - Sept 18
  • Ralph Winnie - Sept 19
  • Ed O'Brien - Sept 21
  • Strong-Legs Richardson - Sept 21
  • Pat Kavanaugh - Sept 22

Past President Howard announced the Habitat Build Day, Saturday, September 29 is till looking for volunteers and to be contact him if interested in participating.

Dick Pyle introduced the speaker of the day, Mr. Mark Ein, owner of the Washington Kastles Tennis Team. Mark is a Washingtonian, a successful business man, who sits on many Boards, and is recognized in the D.C. community for his community service activities, and his philanthropy contributions. Mark spoke to our Rotary Club about three years ago and since that time the Kastles have won three Championships in four years and they are 2nd in undefeated seasons in 38 years and have sold out their last 14 matches! So when he was asked to speak to us again he knew it would be good “vibes” for the next couple of Kastle years!

He spoke of Billie Jean King’s (my personal hero when I played on the high school tennis team!) description of Team Tennis, a concept she initiated. She said that it is where individual tennis players and men and women come together as a team to work together toward a common goal. 

Mark underscored how sports have the ability to bring the community together and for Washington to win.  The new Tennis Sports Center on the waterfront in S.E. Washington has brought the community together.  Kids get an opportunity to learn from the players and the players inspire the youth in the Community. At the Kastles’ Team matches, Mark provides 1000 free tennis racquets to the kids and hands out 200 tickets to community and military children.

Mark also spoke of Lessons Learned by building the Kastle’s Team organization.  The core of its success is the Culture that the Kastle’s Team and organization has built.  Other components of the Culture/Team are:  Communications, Concerted Effort, Cohesiveness, Continuous Improvement, Concentration, Competiveness, Comparison, Community and Charity.  When all of the above is done it’s CHAMPIONSHIPS and a History of the longest winning streak in U.S. Pro Sports History!  What a great gift to our D.C. Community.

President David presented Mark Ein with his second Tree Certificate to plant a tree around the Tidal Basin.

The general applauds and groans came from the Rotarians who, once again, did not win the Raffle. Marvin Taylor Dormond won the raffle and contributed his $42 winnings to the Rotary Foundation of Washington DC.  Two tickets for a Kastle’s Team match were won by Mark Wilson and several women are lining up for the competition to see if he will invite us to the match!

The hospitality table was manned by Balraj Gupta, Ted Hamady, Norm Coe and Stu Shalloway. Our greeter today was Yoshiko Urakawa.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.