The meeting was called to order by President David Klaus at 12:30 and asked the members to join him in the Pledge of Allegiance. Words of inspiration were read by Joel Alperstein.
Secretary Lynn Holec announced the following guests:
  • Visiting Rotarian Steve Serna of Leesville WA, who is a retired military.
  • KW Heiseth, retailer at Cut Rate a guest of Steve Serna
  • Wendolyn Holland from the rotary club of Aiken South Carolina who is a consultant and is moving back to DC
  • Alfita Mirzaealyamova who is an independent consultant and was guest of Peggy Garrett and is       a prospective member
  • Todd Leibrand who the founder of Best Kids Inc and was a guest of Abe Helal
  • Gene Loyd of UGAf also joined us for lunch hand was hosted by Abe Helal. He is member "coming on board".
  • We were joined by Kara Merrigan, the president of DC Rotaract club
  • Steve Lisecki who is an attorney and special counsel at the IRS, He was a guest of Marjorie Scott
  • Cars Battle, guest by Dick Pyle.
  • Dickson Galeci who was guest of Clara Montanez
  • Christine Robinson who is guest of Bill Dent and works for BAE systems was present as guest.
  • Sharon Taylor who is a Counsel at Arnold Porter was a guest of Marjorie Scott
  • Steve Genung was a guest of and works for Pro nurse in Fairfax Virginia. Steve is a member whose application is in process.
  • Solang of Tuya’s joined us and part of Sisters drapery shop, guest of of Rotarian Max Salas     

Sergeant-at-Arms Peggy Schoen announced the following members who are celebrating birthdays this week:

Lucia Serra - Oct 23

Monica Smith - Oct 24

PP Howard Davis made the announcement for Habitat for Humanity and the progress that is being made.

President David Klaus announced the memorial services for strong legs Richardson. He also spoke about the dictionary project and announced that the labels and now available and may be picked you at the front desk from Gretchen. President David also requested members to bring used books and toys for the interact drive. He announced the training session for the committee chairs members on the new module regarding the new club runner website site.

President David presented her blue membership badge to Gail Hamill.

Rotarian Elena Tscherny introduced Marty O’Brien, COO of Casey Trees

Casey Trees participates with communities and volunteers on a daily basis. The organization has planted 10,000 trees over the last decade. Casey Trees is committed to both home-planting and high school programs for watering. Its educational program has trained over one thousand citizens in foresting trees. Casey Trees also works diligently with schools in the district.

Casey Trees has an ambitious Urban Tree Canopy goal of 40% by 2035. This translates to 8,600 trees per year. They are now entering into the sustainability program. 

Casey Trees is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit committed to restoring, enhancing, and protecting the tree canopy of the nation’s capital. They plant and care for trees across the District, develop online tree tools, educate adults and youth about the benefits of trees, work with elected officials and developers to protect and add new trees, and much more.

Club Raffle was handled by Mimi Kanda. The small pot won by Ken Kimbrough who did not pull the Ace of Spades, so the large pot continues to grow.

The Hospitality table was manned by Balraj Gupta, Norm Coe, Ted Hamady and Stu Shalloway. The Greeters were Nadia Saad and Gail Hamill.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

NOTE: Many members donated blood at the joint University Club/Rotary Club blood drive before, during and after the meeting. Thank you to all who signed up to donate!