At 12.30 President Shaun called the meeting to order. He asked for mobile phone silence, and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Russ Savage provided the Word of Inspiration.
Secretary Tim Hurd introduced the guests of Rotarians:
  • Shahina and Masood Bhally, parents of Asif Bhally
  • Amelia Gotti, guest of Erminia Scarcella
  • Derry Haws, from Long&Foster, guest of Marjorie Ann Scott
  • Amy Brauner, Advancement Officer of IRD, guest of Andy Koval
  • Adelaide Farrah, President of Palco, guest of Clara Montanez
  • Lauren Kovacevich, Logistics Intern of IRD, guest of Andy Koval
  • Silvia Musiani, CEO of ITALA Group, wife of Andrea Ghiaroni
  • Sherry Tao, Law Student at George Washington University Law School, guest of Steven Adkins.

American Rotarians were present: Larry Granat, of the Seattle Rotary Club (Washington), Brad Hawking, of the Alexandria Rotary Club (Virginia), Linda Jessup, of the Loveland Rotary Club (Colorado), and Brendan McMillin, of the Merritt Island Rotary Club; visiting Rotarians from Overseas were present: Novin Afrouz of Rotary Club San Carlo in Milan (Italy), Hinrich Schumacher of Rotary Club Hilden Haan (Germany), and Cecile Schut of Rijswijk Drie Vliet Rotary Club (The Netherlands).

Sam Hancock introduced guests from Rotary Club of Amman West (Jordan) and a large delegation of guests from Burundi: Spencer Chimbwe, Special Representative to the United States and Infrastructure Development Consultant, Republic of Burundi; The Honorable Frederic Bamvuginyumvira, former Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi and Member, Burundi Parliament; The Honorable Alice Nzomukunda, former Second Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi and Member, Burundi Parliament; The Honorable Marina Barampama, former Second Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi and Member, Burundi Parliament; Aime Magera, Spokesperson, National Front for Liberation Party, Republic of Burundi;  Gerais Niyongabo, President, Forum for Equality, Democracy, and Sovereignty Party, Republic of Burundi; and Pascal Akimana, Executive Director, UMOJA NOW, Building Sustainable Peace Association, Republic of Burundi.

Sergeant at Arms David Treadwell announced the birthdays:

  • Norm Coe, September 29. Norm joined our club in 1976, sponsored by Pete Nunn. His classification is Computers;
  • Marjorie Ann Scott, October 2. Marjorie was sponsored by Phill Bradbury when she joined our club in 2007. Her classification is Volunteer.

Relatively New Member Talk Eric Fraint introduced himself and described his work and did a great job!

In announcements, President Shaun talked about the Movie Night that will be next Thursday, October 10 at the E Street Cinemas; The movie is “Enough Said”, starring Julia Louis Deyfus and the late James Gandolfini; Shaun also announced that, about the Washington DC Dictionary Project, the dictionaries are available for pickup outside the Rotary office. The members can stop by anytime the building is open, Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., or coordinate a pickup with Gretchen Kearney.  

Quentin Wodon invited the members to submite all proposal or ideas regarding the international projetcs by October 15, so that the members of the International Committee can discuss theme during the Meeting Committee on the October 22.

President Shaun summoned PP David Klaus to the podium, and then David presented Alexander Kravitz with Service Award from 2012-2013.

President-Elect Jennifer Hara spoke about the Fundraiser Dinner with Rotaract and she reminded that the event will be held Tuesday, October 8 at 6 p.m,. at Tasca Restaurant. This dinner is designed so that Rotarians and Rotaractors can get to know one another over a meal. A portion of the bill will go towards supporting the Rotaract Club of Washington DC.

Glen O’Gilvie invited all members to participate to the Center for Nonprofit Advancement and area corporate, government, philanthropic and nonprofit leaders for the Center’s 34th annual celebration (on a theme “Evolving for Good”) on October 17 at the Howard Theatre in Washington DC. Featured guest will be Mark K. Shriver, author of the book “A good Man”.  

President Shaun awarded a Blue Badge to Shelly Williams.

Christa McClure then introduced our speaker, Tom Peterson, CEO and founder of The Center for Climate Strategies (CCS). He founded the organization in 2004 to help governments and stakeholders understand and formulate comprehensive responses to climate change, including development of 22 US state plans, national scale up and integration of subnational climate action plans in the United States, the Low Emissions Development System for the six Border States of Mexico and the Low Carbon Development System for the Provinces of China. He has designed and directed numerous subnational and national policy development initiatives and assessments.

During his speech he has been focusing on the importance of energy efficiency of a country like US and what we can do for improving a clean economy. His assignments over the past 30 years include the White House Climate Change Task Force, Office of US Senator Joe Lieberman, the US Environmental Protection Agency and DSL Capital Corporation. Mr. Peterson is an Adjunct Professor and Teaching Fellow at the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies/Global Security Center at Johns Hopkins University as well as the Energy and Climate Center at Johns Hopkins University. He pointed out how now it is important to “do more with less energy”, since the energy cost is the first voice before labor cost in the economic development. Those issues were stimulating the Club Members so that at the end of his speech he was answering to many questions.

President Shaun presented the tree certificate and called for the raffle container, managed by Frank Reaves. Andy Koval won the small pot of $63 and pulled the Ace of Spades so he won the large pot of $358. Congratulations, Andy!

The Hospitality table was staffed by Balraj Gupta and Stu Shalloway. The Greeter was Shelly Williams. Meeting in Review minutes were handled by Andrea Ghiaroni (who takes full responsibility for any errors or omissions).

The meeting was adjourned at 1.30 p.m.