President Abe Helal opened the meeting at 12:30 pm and requested everyone silence all cell phones.
President Abe Helal led us all in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Marica Dyson read words of inspiration.
Skyler Potter gave a new member talk and highlighted her background and experiences that led her to her career in financial planning and real estate.  Her search for better returns and better values led her to parts of the city to which she otherwise would not have traveled. By joining the club, she hopes to have the ability to impact the unseen communities.  
Deputy Secretary Whitney Doll called names of guests and visiting Rotarians.
Sponsoring Rotarian
Kyra Frisby
Marilyn Cruz
Owner, KC & Associates
Shelly Williams
Program Manager, Alma
Nancy Conrad
Chairman, Conrad Foundation
Kimberly Harris
Gilda Furbert
Financial Manager, Howard University Cancer Center
Sergeant-at-Arms Sterling Hoffman then announced the birthdays: Awad Morgan (10/16), Pete Dunn (10/16), and Nicole Butler (10/19). There were no anniversaries.
Bill Dent announced the next Tree Planting Ceremony, which will be November 1, 11:30 AM at Farragut Square.  Robert Meins reminded members of the World Press Exhibit on November 3 at the Dupont Underground and shared background on the inspiration for the event.
Brad Jensema introduced the guest speaker, Khari Brown – Khari Brown has served as the Executive Director at Capital Partners for Education (CPE) since 2001 and in November 2015 was renamed as its Chief Executive Officer. Beginning as its only employee, he has built CPE from a niche program that reached only 100 students and mentors per year to a burgeoning organization with multiple program lines that is currently serving more than 700 students and mentors, growing more than 30 percent annually since 2012. By developing CPE’s program offerings to make it the DC region’s most holistic and comprehensive mentoring program, CPE has been remarkably successful in helping its students overcome the barriers that limit most low-income students. Under Mr. Brown’s leadership, CPE has seen 97 percent of its graduates enroll in college and nearly 75 percent complete college on time. He received both a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies and a Master’s degree in Education from Tufts University. A two-time captain of the Tufts basketball team, he played professional basketball in Helsinki, Finland upon graduating from college. After his playing career ended in 1995, Mr. Brown spent six years coaching high school and college basketball in the Boston area. He also owned and operated a fitness and sports performance business serving individual clients and offering clinics and camps for high school and college athletes. Mr. Brown’s involvement working with urban teens through his various coaching experiences led him to pursue a career in expanding educational opportunities for low-income youth. He and his wife are the proud parents of two children who attend DC Public Schools.
Following an engaging question and answer session, President Abe Helal presented the tree certificate to the speaker.
President Abe Helal adjourned the weekly meeting with final remarks at 1:30p.m.