President Jennifer called the meeting to order at 12:30 and we were off!  She led us in the Pledge to the flag and PP David inspired us by sharing the discovery of his grandfather’s Rotary name badge and reading aloud the Resolutions of Respect submitted by the Rotary Club of Charles City, Iowa, Club #433, September 17, 1928, upon the passing of the Rev. John H. Klaus.  The Reverend’s obituary said “He was a good man, full of faith and good works.”  It was a touching tribute to Rotary and to the Klaus family.


Yours truly gave the Secretary’s Report, welcoming guests and visiting Rotarians.  Doctors Katalin (emergency physician) and Michael Fernando (pediatrician) were visiting from Yeovil, UK.  The English couple was on a 10-day holiday in the US.  Dan Kapner’s mom, Lee, was in town.  She usually does online makeups to turn in to her home club of Buckhead, but made an exception for us.   Our second visiting American Rotarian is regular visitor Richard Hyde, St. Helena.  Returning guest of Marjorie Scott, Alicia Fougere, was also with us again.  She’s Manager, Business Development for The Washington Center.  Clara Montanez’s daughter, Sophia Haney joined us.  Sophia is working at Bethesda Fine Art.  Abe Helal brought Dennis Cravedi, Producer, C-Span.  Turns out the two had the same tennis coach back in the day in Olney, Maryland! New member Tom Kern hosted Sarah Morrison, Senior Associate, Center for the Study of Social Policy.

Birthday celebrants Dan Mullin and PP Shaun were with us at lunch.  Peg Schoen, Asif Bhally and PP Bob were celebrating elsewhere.  Best wishes to all!

Immediate Past President Shaun announced the nominees for the Club and Foundation Boards for the 2015-2016 Rotary year.  President Jennifer gave Tom Kern his red badge. Welcome!

Hal Vaughn introduced our speaker, The Honorable Susan Hildreth.  He noted she was approved by unanimous Senate consent in January 2011!  (They can agree!)  Susan is a past member of Rotary #4, Seattle, where she had been the city librarian.  Besides the Presidential appointment, Susan was also appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as California’s state librarian.  And, she was at the San Francisco Public Library, serving as deputy director and then city librarian, appointed by Mayor Willie Brown.  “Interesting bosses,” she noted.

As Director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), Susan oversees a lean budget of $227M and some 35,000 museums and 123,000 libraries.  She reviewed the Institute’s goals:  learning, community, content, equitable access to knowledge and public management excellence.  IMLS doesn’t fund federally funded museums like the Smithsonian or Holocaust.  She discussed 3D printers and makerspaces and taking the world of technology and democratizing it for the people. She said with so many libraries having powerful wifi, there were many that were really busy as universal healthcare rolled out. 

Susan fielded questions from Oscar Bartoli, Heather Jaffan, Bill Dent and Quentin Wodon.  Topics ranged from illiteracy, reaching out to the younger generation, and expanding Rotary’s dictionary project.  She encouraged us to submit a grant to the ILMS on the last topic.

President Jennifer presented Susan with our Trees for the Capital certificate.

PP David was back at the podium when he won the raffle, run by PP ShaunPP David took home the small pot of $45.  The December 3rd large pot will be over $1475.

Stu and I worked the hospitality table and Buz Gorman greeted the crowd.  Our next program is the current Director of the Peace Corps, Carrie Hessler-Radelet.  We’ve heard from past Directors Gaddi Vasquez and Ron Tschetter.  Anyone remember others?  Elaine Chao, maybe? 

As Health and Welfare chairman, I recently touched base with Ted Hamady.  He sends his best and hopes to see us in person soon.  His recovery from knee surgery seems to have strained his upper body and now Ted is working through rotator cuff injuries.  He looks forward to returning when shaking hands won’t be painful and is about to restart physical therapy for as long as it takes to work!  He does appreciate hearing from everyone and if you want to drop him an email, here’s his address  If you have great news or not so great news to share with your fellow Rotarians, please feel free to send me an email at

See you Wednesday!