The meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM by the Club’s President David Klaus and Kiwanis Club of Washington, DC’s President Cindy Crist.  Cindy led the American members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Myrna Charles provided the words of inspiration. 


Secretary Lynn Holec and Kiwanian Brian Egger introduced the following guests:

  • Tonya Johnson, CEO, HOPE-Helping Other People Excel, a guest of Kenneth Barnes.
  • Carolyn Lane, Executive Director, The Photo Diplomacy Project, a guest of Margarie Scott and a prospective member.
  • Sharon Taylor, Counsel, Arnold & Porter, a guest of Margarie Scott and a prospective member.
  • Nina Albert, Director, Community Relations, Walmart, a guest of Donnie Shaw.
  • Deb Gottesman, Executive Director, The Theatre Lab School of Dramatic Arts, a guest of Steve Adkins.
  • Joan Adesanya of Gray Graphics, a guest of Abe Halel.
  • Rotary Scholar Acopo Andrea Lambri of Italy, a student at Georgetown University Law Center, a guest of Max Salas.
  • Gary Fellman, a member of East Hampstead Rotary Club in Brackrell, UK.
  • Alex Krem, a member of Downtown Auckland Rotary Club in Aukland, New Zealand.
  • Wilhelm Bennet, a member of Eslov Rotary Club in Helsingborg, Sweden.
  • Eva Bennet, a member of Eslov Rotary Club in Helsingborg, Sweden.
  • Lilf Jonasson, a member of Katrineholm Rotary Club in Katrineholm, Sweden.
  • Three members from the Winchester Kiwanis Club
  • New Kiwanis member Jack Cole

Red badges were presented to four new Rotarians by their sponsors:

Steve Genung by Joel Alperstein and Paula Delo

Lenora Jacobs by Lynn Holec and Clara Montanez

Husband and wife Gene  and Lauren Lloyd by Joel Alperstein, Paula Delo and Abe Helal


President David made the following announcements:

The Interact Toy/Book Drive is going on now. Thanks to everyone who brought books.
See Quentin Wodon for more information.

The Club Board Meeting is Thursday, November 15 in the ABA Boardroom on the 7th Floor. This is a great way to check off one of your red to blue badge requirements.

The Club Holiday Party is at the Dacor House on Sunday, December 9 from 5:30-7:30 pm.

Larry Margolis is looking for volunteers for an iPad tutoring project at Inspired Teaching Charter School. Please contact Larry if you are interested in volunteering.

Walter Reed Bingo is Thursday, November 15 with set-up and dinner beginning at 5 PM and bingo beginning at 6 PM.  See Shaun English or Peggy Garrett for more information.

April Gassler provided a report on the Eliminate Project.

Serena Bell provided a report on the St. Jude’s Project.

Kiwanis President Cindy announced new Kiwanis member, Jessica Petro. She also reported Kiwanis Events in December.

Maria-Nelly Pavisich gave her new member talk in which she highlighted how active she was during her previous Rotary membership.  Her favorite hobby is Rotary.

Rotarian Jack Jackson introduced the speaker Rear Admiral Casey Coane, US Navy (retired) who discussed the work of the organization, Mission Readiness.

Rear Admiral Coane described how military service has provided a “ladder to the middle class” for many young people. The GI Bill created a skilled work force through three generations. Yet, 75% of young people today cannot qualify due to their:

  • Insufficient education
  • Criminal records
  • Lack of physical fitness

The Rear Admiral explained that the solution is high-quality, early childhood education.  There are measureable benefits to those young people who receive early education; they are 40% more likely to graduate from high school and 70% less likely to become involved in crime. He encouraged each of us to demand that quality public education start at the preschool level.

President David presented a tree certificate to Rear Admiral Coane, which promises that the Club will plant a tree in honor of our speakers. Kiwanis President Cindy presented the Rear Admiral with a Kiwanis umbrella.

The meeting was supported by the following members:

Balraj Gupta, Ted Hamady, Stu Shalloway and Norm Coe manned the hospitality table.
Glen O’Gilvie and Bill Dent greeted Rotarians as they arrived.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.