President Howard called the meeting to order promptly at 12:30. Hal Vaughn gave the inspiration and Jennifer Hara welcomed our guests...
Jean Pierre Lacomse, guest of Jean-Marie Masse
Fiona Birkhert and Bill Watts, guests of Howard Davis (Bill is a potential new member.)
Carlos Guiza (also a prospective member) and Paolo Curie were guests of Jennifer Hara
Dolores Ortiz, guest of Jim Lanning
Mike Watson, guest of his father Bob Watson
Memo Grajales, had three guests, Karen Trimbeth, Brian Hittle and Diego Grajales.
Jennifer also welcomed a visiting Rotarian from overseas, Pamhidzai Bami from the Rotary Club of Harare in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Peggy Schoen, filling in for Monica Boner, wished Happy Birthday to Carl Reddel and Mimi Kanda.

President Howard welcomed back Ted Hamady and Nancy Riker, who have been on leave. He announced that our club had been awarded Volunteer Group for the Year by the DC Public Schools. This was a new award given by the DCPS for all our volunteer work in the schools. Monica, Mawi and Howard accepted the award.

We had as guests 16 students from the Stanton Elementary School, along with four staff members. The students were from the 3rd to the 5th grade and have been mentored by Rotarians for the past four years. Don Messer spoke about the program and his or her mentors from the Club recognized each student individually. Don mentioned that Donnie Shaw played Santa Claus last Christmas and had gathered presents for each student ranging from a highly equipped bicycle to a professional telescope. Don also mentioned that they were expanding the program into the 5th and 6th grade of Jefferson Middle School.

David Klaus introduced our speaker, Caroline Antsey, World Bank Managing Director. She described some of the work the Bank is doing, noting that global growth has shifted from the more developed countries to emerging market countries specifically India, Indonesia, Brazil, China, Korea and Russia. The emphasis at the Bank also has shifted from decisions made in Washington, DC, about what a country needs, to a shared responsibility between partners on the ground in each country working alongside the Bank. She described it as being “citizen centric.” There is a new model of open access at the Bank to data and all the projects and that this openness helps to effectively counter corruption. A good Q and A followed.

Kenny Barnes won the small pot (pictured with this week's raffle coordinator, Gail Hamill) but left the large pot to grow to more than $800 next week.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30.