The meeting opened at 12:30 pm in style, with a song.
Bill Dent, in place of the Words of Inspiration, led the club in the singing of “God Bless America.”  He explained that there is an old tradition of singing this song before meetings.
The group’s lovely singing was then followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, led by President David.
Jennifer Hara welcomed the following guests:
Host or Rotary Affiliation
Scott Pool
Texas Rotary
International Development
Max Bartoli
Palos Verdes Rotary
Pamela Stern-Green
Lynn Holec
Property Management
Adela Piedra
Maria Nelly Pavisich
HR Business Partner
Maria Navarro
Maria Nelly Pavisich
HR Consultant
Stephanie Bagot
Clara Montanez
Senior Corporate Attorney
Tara Bhargava
Clara Montanez
Resource Mgmt Office – World Bank
Tamar Kvaratskhelia
Michael Harper
Sergeant-at-Arms, Ken Kimbrough then announced the birthdays of those Rotarians celebrating this week as well as those having their Rotary Anniversary in May:
Bill Boleyn- May 22
Bill joined Rotary in January 1975. He was sponsored by Edward Merrill and his classification is Transportation: Urban Passenger. Bill is a past president of our club and foundation.
Allen Jones - May 24
Allen joined the club in March 1990. His classification is Law: Corporate. Allen was sponsored by Gerry Murphy. Allen is also a past president of our club and foundation.
Raven Canty - May 26
Raven joined the club in April 2015. She was sponsored by Donnie Shaw and her classification is Marketing: Sales.
Memo Grajales - May 27
Memo joined the club in January 1995. His classification is Economics: Agriculture. Memo was sponsored by William Garcia.
Christine Warnke - May 27
Christine joined the club in November 2012. Her classification is Governmental Affairs. Christine was sponsored by Sam Hancock.
Member Name
Years in Rotary
Date Joined Rotary
Jim Brookshire
16 years
May 01, 2000
Eric Fraint
3 years
May 01, 2013
Ted Hamady
30 years
May 01, 1986
Bill Simons
38 years
May 01, 1978
Jennifer Galloway
2 years
May 05, 2014
Daniel Kapner
2 years
May 05, 2014
Dennis Miller
11 years
May 18, 2005
Irene Koerner
12 years
May 27, 2004
Dick Pyle
13 years
May 28, 2003
Nancy Riker talked about the Rotary International Foundation and announced Paul Harris recipients (new and veteran recipients).
Major Donors (donated $10,000+ dollars to Rotary International) at different levels were honored by the group.
Bequest Society Endowment members were acknowledged (leaves money to rotary in their will) with one new member of the society announced and awarded a trophy.
Rotarians are encouraged to give to the Rotary International Foundation in any amount they could.  No amount is too small!
Polio Plus is also an organization that members can donate to that will also count towards Paul Harris membership.
President David provided announcements. There were two items discussed:
1.) He wants to have 170 Paul Harris Scholars from DC Rotary
2.) Reminded members of the matching program that allows a member of our club to earn a Paul Harris award with only $500 in cash (500 points in match will be made equaling the $1,000 needed to earn Paul Harris membership)
Glen O’Gilvie spoke about Rotary’s excellence in non-profits investment.  Our investment in the Advancement in Management (AIM) Award went very well and was well followed on social media (4,427 on twitter) and local media (Washington Post and Bethesda Magazine).
Higher Achievement won the award, with Ace Ban and National Children’s Alliance receiving honorable mention. AIM supports solid management practices that lead to greater outcomes for people and communities in need.
Today’s speaker, Caroline Webb, is CEO of Sevenshift, a firm that shows people how to use insights from behavioral science to improve their working life. Her book on that topic, How To Have A Good Day, is being published in 14 languages and more than 60 countries in 2016. She is also a Senior Adviser to McKinsey, where she was previously a Partner.
The BBC has described Caroline’s work as “helping people keep their heads in a complex world.”​ She does this by blending her experience in management consulting with her training as a coach, combining pragmatic work to strengthen her clients’ handling of professional issues with deeper personal work to enable them to achieve their goals in a more sustainable and inspiring way. An economist by background, she makes extensive use of behavioral science—behavioral economics, psychology, neuroscience—to help her clients discover how to be at their best and how to bring the best out of their colleagues in turn.
During her 12 years at McKinsey, Caroline specialized in helping organizations shift their culture in more positive directions. She co-founded McKinsey’s leadership practice, and designed the firm’s approach to transforming senior team dynamics and improving personal effectiveness. She also founded and remains faculty of McKinsey’s flagship leadership development course for senior female executives.
Before that, Caroline spent the 1990s working in public policy as an economist at the Bank of England. Her work there included authorship of the prestigious Inflation Report, global economic forecasting, and institution building in post-communist Europe. She is a Founding Fellow of the Harvard-affiliated Institute of Coaching and has degrees in economics from Cambridge and Oxford Universities.
Caroline is frequently invited to speak at conferences and corporate events and is represented by the Washington Speakers Bureau. She advises Huffington Post on their WorkWell initiative, and her work has been widely featured in media outlets, including: The Financial Times, Inc., Forbes, The Economist, BBC Radio, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Management Today, Lifehacker and more.
Caroline Webb discussed the little things we can do to have a ‘good day’ (or at least make our days better) and how to recognize the aspects that can bring our days down.
Some highlighted points from her talk include:
- High Heels will ALWAYS break at the most inopportune time
- When we feel that our safety is threatened (physical, emotional, ego, etc.), we react through fight, flight or freezing.  This mechanism is very easy to trigger!
- Also, when we feel threatened, our tendency is to use the ‘dumbest’ part of our brain.  We actually become less rational and make poorer decisions when feeling threatened or challenged. 
- Approach situations from a positive viewpoint to access all of your intelligence “on-demand.”
- Our beliefs can shape our perception of a situation, which explains how two people could experience the same event and one could have a positive view of how the event went while the other, a negative view.  This is called selective attention.
- Our brains filters out the things it thinks we want to see and discards the things we don’t want to see.
- If you want to have a good day (and subconsciously encourage others to help contribute to you having a good day), go into your day looking for the positive and exuding positivity.  Not only can having a positive outlook improve your day, but it is contagious (known as emotional contagion) and will elevate others and disarm possible negative situations.
Questions for Mrs. Webb were very unique.  Rotary membership and guests were serenaded by two Rotary members who asked about songs and their ability to quickly change our moods.
After a lovely rendition of “Moon River” and “Smile”, Mrs. Webb discussed how songs with a positive memory associated with it can be used to change the tone of one’s day almost immediately. Everyone in the room experienced first hand, how this is very true.
Unfortunately, after our beautiful acapella songs, there was no more time for questions.  This was definitely an engaging and entertaining talk with a lot of tips and tricks offered on how to have a good day every day. 
President David presented Caroline Webb with a certificate stating that we would plant a tree in her honor in a national park area in DC.
This week’s raffle winner won the small pot but did not win the large pot. 
President David announced our June 1st program will feature William McCants, Director Project on US Relations with the Muslim World, Brookings Institute
He thanked Ken Brown for staffing the Hospitality Desk, and Katrina Romain for being a Greeter and writing today’s Meeting in Review.
The meeting adjourned at 1:28 pm.