The meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM by the Club’s President David Klaus.  He led the American members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Renee McPhatter provided words of inspiration.


Secretary Lynn Holec introduced the following guests:

  • Nicholas Kharabadge, who is with Counterpart International and was a guest of Susan O’Neal.
  • Taylor Foster, a student at Temple University and a guest (and daughter) of Lisa Cohen
  • Dinora Dillhoff, a guest of Guillermo Grajales.
  • Diego Grajales, Vice President of Kazen Services, a guest (and son) of Guillermo Grajales.
  • Ghazi Saad, who is with HSBC and was a guest of Nadia Saad.
  • Kimberly Cofer, Director of Fund Raising at the National Campaign to Stop Violence, and a guest of Abe Helal.  Kimberly is a prospective member of our Club.
  • Anthony Triplin, who is with the Department of Defense and was a guest of Abe Helal.
  • Abdelsalam Hamad, a freelance journalist from Libya, who was a guest of Marjorie Scott.
  • Monica Dormoi
  • Giorgio Donadoni, a visiting Rotarian from the Bergamo Ovest Rotary Club in Italy.  Giorgio brought us the flag of the Bergamo Ovest Club and we presented him with ours.

We also had the following visiting Rotarians from the United States who introduced themselves:  Francine Lawrence from Toledo, Ohio, whose classification is education, and Earl Motzer from Harrodsburg, Kentucky.


Abe Helal reminded the Club members that membership was key to any club’s success including our Club.  During the current Rotary year, our Club has recruited 23 new members.  There are also four membership applications in process and 16 prospective members.  With this, the Club is on track to meet and even exceed its membership goals for this year.  Abe encouraged Club members to continue to identify people who would make good Rotarians and recruit them.


Dick Pyle, Lisa Cohen and Mark Wilson described their visit to the Jamaican village where Dick worked as a Peace Corp volunteer in 1996.  They were looking for hands on projects for our Club.  They found the needs were great in the village and encouraged other DC Rotarians to participate in their next trip to the village. 


Bill Dent described the tree planting ceremony that had been held earlier in the day.  About 15 Rotarians attended.  He explained that the trees, which are planted in honor of our speakers, were paid for from the Club’s own Foundation. 


Jennifer Hara reminded us that the Peace Fellowship applications are due by Monday, April 1, 2013.  She also requested that anyone interested in being on the committee that reviews the applications contact her.


President David encouraged people to attend the District Convention, which will be held on April 25 through April 28 at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City.


President David encouraged us to sign up to attend the PolioPlus Spring Fling book party that will be held at David Adkins’ home on April 13. 


President David presented a DC Rotary badge to new member Deraux Branch.



Elena Tscherny introduced Alisa Gravitz, who is the CEO and President of Green America.  Alisa summarized the climate change problem as “weather on steroids.”  She focused her talk on energy providing a Framework for Action, the Good News and Ideas for Action.  She stated that the best way to think of the solution to climate change is break up the actions needed into small steps.  Princeton has provided such a framework in a “Stabilization Wedge” that requires 15 steps.  Green America has reduced these 15 steps to 12.  Steps 1-3 relate to cars, specifically fuel economy, reduced driving and new technology.   Step 4 is replacing fossil fuels with waste-based biofuels.  Step 5 concerns building efficiency.  Step 6 is increasing the use of solar power by 700-fold.  Step 7 is increasing wind power by 80-fold.  Steps 8-10 involve the phasing out of the use of coal.  Step 11 is stopping deforestation.  Step 12 is supporting local, organic agriculture and eating a vegetarian diet.


Alisa stated that there is good news.  For example, 141 proposed new coal plants have been stopped, solar energy is now cheaper than coal, growth in renewable energy is outpacing nuclear energy and fossils fuels, solar energy is on target to deliver half of U.S. energy by 2042 (Google predicts by 2025) and hybrids and electric cars currently represent 5 percent of all car sales.  She advocated that anyone buying a new car should require that the car get at least 40 miles to a gallon of gas.

Alisa advocated for the support of legislation to create “Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVB)”, which would be issued by the U.S. Treasury and would fund clean energy and energy efficiency programs.  She also distributed cards with suggestions of what each of us could do to reduce our energy consumption.


Russ Savage won the raffle’s small pot, which was $100.  He then drew the Ace of Spades and he won the very large $1,572 pot. Congratulations, Russ!


The meeting was supported by the following:

  • Larry Wang (with early assistance by Nancy Riker) sold the raffle tickets.
  • Stu Shalloway, Balraj Gupta and Norm Coe manned the hospitality table.
  • Francis Muraya and Ken Kimbrough greeted Rotarians as they arrived.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.