President Shaun called his last meeting of his term to order at 12:30 pm. Mobile phones were turned off.  He led American members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Words of inspiration were presented by Dan Kapner, who told the story of a young man who throws starfish back into the sea, making the point that even the smallest act of service in meaningful. 


Secretary Tim Hurd introduced guests of Rotarians:


  • Mack Bahiri, VP and manager, Cardinal Bank, guest of Lisa McCurdy
  • Richard Lowery, Managing Director, NCP, Inc., guest of Sheldon Ray
  • Bob Johnson, a former member, guest of Joan Bristol
  • Alicia Fougere, Rye Alumni

There were no visiting Rotarians from the US or overseas.

John Jackson, filling in for Sergeant-at-Arms David Treadwell, gave the birthday announcements:

  • Lenore Jacobs, June 22. Sponsored by Lynn Holec when she joined our club in 2012, her classification is Government Service: Retired.
  • Abe Helal, June 23. He joined our club in 2009. He was sponsored by Diane Eames and his classification is Printing Services.
  • Stu Shalloway, June 23. He joined our club in 2008, sponsored by fellow hospitality table chair Balraj Gupta. His classification is Law: Small Business Administration.
  • Joel Alperstein, June 25. He was sponsored by Mark Wilson when he joined in 2011. His classification is Medicine: Urology.

District Governor Peter Kyle came forward on the last day of his term to say thanks to the DC Club and to congratulate Shaun on his year.  He gave particular thanks to Jennifer Hara, Larry and Doris Margolis, Gus Gallagher, Andy Cook, Quentin Wodon and his daughters, Maria Nelly Pavisich, Dick Pyle, Glynis Long, Clara Montanez , and Gladys Antezana.  He thanked the club for its support of the DG Conference in Baltimore, and for its funding support of the district and the Foundations. He mentioned to PE Jennifer Hara that he wished he had named a number of other DC members for their efforts.

Monica Boner reminded everyone of the Changing of the Guard event Saturday, June 28 at the Human Rights Campaign Headquarters. 17th St NW and RI Ave.

Then Clara Montanez, as part of the regular talks on the work of the International Affairs Committee, summarized the work of the Burned Children Foundation.  Dr Rojas, dermatologist, thirty years ago left his practice to work on the problem and started the Chile-based foundation which our club and several others support.  Annually seven million children are burned in Latin America alone. The full treatment for these often terrible burns can take up seven years.  The burns can involve disfigurement, limb damage and emotional consequences.  To date, 100,000 children have been treated for free.  Our club’s association with COANIQUEM began in 2008, and last week Clara and Erminia Scarcella had an event which raised $10,000.   In May 2015 there will be a delegation from Chile in DC for a board meeting.  

President Shaun made brief remarks on the good condition of the club – membership up to 172, big improvements in the finances of the Foundation, and a successful implementation of the new “Rule of 35” program, which has brought 9 new younger members into the club.  He complimented all the members for their work and service. He said lots of work has been done on a fundraiser for the club and that new President Jennifer Hara will have a very good start on the project. Walter Reed, Grate Patrol.

President Shaun then made special certificate presentations to a number of members by name, detailing their particular accomplishments this year

Jim Freeman, Ken Kimbrough, Shelly Williams, Peggy Garrett, Monica Smith, Donnie Shaw, Nancy Riker, Quentin Woden, Clara Montanez, John Jackson, Tim Hurd, Mark Wilson, May Guinn, Ed O’Brien, Ross Grantham, Haleh Vaziri, Hal Vaughn, PE Jennifer Hara, Stefan Albers, Abe Helal, PP Howard Davis.

He named Maria Nelly Pavisich the Rotary Club of Washington DC’s Rotarian of the Year.  She was also recognized with the District Governor’s Award at the conference in Baltimore. 

President Shaun said he was grateful and honored to have served as president. He thanked the membership for a very meaningful experience.

In the raffle, conducted by Marta Pentassuglia, David Klaus won $26 but was not lucky enough to win the $455 large pot.  

Stu Shalloway and Joan Bristol staffed the hospitality area.

Ken Kimbrough was the greeter.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:16.