President David Treadwell opened the meeting at 12:30 pm, leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
David Klaus played the piano and led the national anthem of the United States of America: The Star-Spangled Banner.
Secretary Mike Carmichael welcomed the following guests:
Host or Rotary Affiliation
Rich Dyson
Anchorage, Alaska
*Gov. S. H. Jang
Seoul, Korea
Angela Haye
Dan Bluine
Alexandria, VA
Aston Randle
Laura Khor
Emil Pitkin
Laura Khor
Nicholas Johnson
Jay Pugh
Theodore Kovts
Laura Khor
Robert McFartane
Samuel Holt
Dough Ollivant
Alexander Kravetz
Joshua Allen
Shelton Williams
Amnon Shefi
Brendan McGinnis
Yussef Zaki
Abraham Helal
Justin Lew
Shelton Williams
Paul Matta
Shelton Williams
Huffman Larry
Memo Grajales
Juliana Walton
Wilhelmina Bratton
Brian Moran
Bill Dent
Kevin Matthees
David Claus
Thomas Napier
Award Morgan
Aimal Halim
David Claus
Jonattan Huie
Steven Adkins
Liz Frank
Pat Cunningham
Elisabeth Harvey
Gretchen Kearney
Jill Kent
Bill Dent
Dana Gleeson
Donnie Shaw
Karen Brown
Glen O’Gilvie
Kim Hall
Glen O’Gilvie
Kevin Westfield
Elliot Williamson
Eli Bavner
Elliot Williamson
Akbar Kazim
Asif Bhally
Warren Wright
Sheldon Ray
* brought us a club banner
Ken Kimbrough then announced the birthdays of those Rotarians celebrating this week:
  • Lenore Jacobs - June 22 Lenore joined Rotary in November 2012. She was sponsored by Lynn Holec and her classification is Government Service.
  • Abrahem Helal - June 23 Abrahem joined our club in February 2009 and currently chairs our Membership Committee. His classification is Printing Services. Abe was sponsored by Diane Eames.
  • Stu Shalloway, June 23 Stu joined the club in August 2008. He was sponsored by Balraj Gupta and his classification is Law: Small Business Administration
President David gave special welcome to Gov. S. H. Jang from Seoul, who has been a great host for many Rotarians, and Amnon Shefi, who just gave a wonderful presentation right before the rotary meeting today. He then recognized Marilyn Cruz for her great service for the club, and announced her as the New Member Rotarian of the year.
President David then announced the application of Chatham House Rules to today’s program.
Alexander Kravetz introduced speaker General (Ret.) David H. Petraeus. David H. Petraeus is one of the most prominent U.S. military figures of the post-9/11 era. General Petraeus’ military career was distinguished by significant achievements during assignments in Cold War Europe, Central America, the United States, Haiti, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the greater Middle East. After General Petraeus’ retirement from the military, he served as Director of the CIA. General Petraeus is now a Partner with the global investment firm KKR and the Chairman of the KKR Global Institute. He is also a Visiting Professor of various universities including University of New York, University of Southern California, and Harvard University. He is also the Co-Chairman of the Woodrow Wilson Institute’s Global Advisory Council, and a member of the boards of seven veterans’ service organizations and several think tanks. 
A conversation with General David Petraeus was then conducted by Peter Bergen from CNN. During the conversation, General Petraeus touched on Iraq, ISIS, Syria, Afghanistan, and the extent of a domestic terrorism threat. In the Q&A session, General Petraeus answered questions regarding his own career plans,  North Korea, the definition of “strong US leadership”, and Saudi Arabia.  No information about his views on any of those topics can be reported because of his request that the substance of his talk be off the record.
President David presented General Petraeus with a certificate stating that we would plant a tree in his honor in a national park area in DC.
Max Salas won the raffle’s small pot  but did not win the large pot.
President David announced presidential awards will be held on June. He thanked Ken Brown and Stu Shalloway for staffing the Hospitality Desk, Sarah Elsamanoudi for managing the raffle, and Abraham Helal for being the greeter.
The meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm.