President Howard Davis opened the meeting at 12:30 in University Hall on the 2nd floor of the University Club.  The lunch was spinach salad with an assortment of toppings; choice of slices of steak in red gravy and/or baked tilapia; mashed potatoes, and fresh fruit. 

Erminia Scarcella provided the Words of Inspiration and Jennifer Hara gave the Secretary’s Report, and welcomed our guests:

1. Rachel Stone, Refugee Officer, USCIS, guest of Herb Brickson
2. Natasha Che, Economist, IMF, guest of Mawe Takyi
3. William Agbor-Baiyee, guest of Mawe Takyi and David Klaus
4. Josephine Barky-Hicks, guest of Clara Montanez
5. Edgard Abdoulaye Nizolo, guest of David Klaus
6. Julianne Simpson, Earth Policy Institute, guest of Kathy Ward
7. Dr. Rhonda Poiner, Trega Partners International, guest of Kathy Ward
8. Luis Felipe Ruiz, guest of Memo Grajales
9. Doug Boedeker, guest of Darren Crew
10. Marilys Sauriol-Nadeau, guest of Glynis Long
11. Samuel Lehman, guest of Gary Silversmith
12. Chris Wilson, guest of Gary Silversmith
13. Sunaina and Risha Gupta, granddaughters and guests of Balraj Gupta
14. Ansley Adkins, daughter and guest of Steve Adkins
15. Diana Criter, visiting Rotarian from Winchester, VA

As Sgt At Arms Monica Boner came forward to go over this week’s birthdays, President Davis noted that one week of the year, we break with protocol as he recognized our Sgt. At Arms and PP Monica’s birthday.  Following a warm round of applause, Monica announced the birthdays of fellow Gemini Rotarians : Bill Simon; Gus Gallagher; Gene Massey and Laurie Husak.  Four of the five celebrants were with us, which is a great showing!

President Davis, provided the following announcements: 
1) Introduced new member Lisa McCurdy, an attorney handling wills and trusts- Principal with The Wealth Counselor,
2) Walter Reed Bingo is next week June 21st, attendees must give notice to Shaun English or Peggy Garrett no later than Tuesday, June 19 for base access
3) There will be PR event for Habitat for Humanity on June 30th at 1 p.m., the ceremonial ground breaking.  See Howard for details. 
4) Tomorrow night is movie night at E street Cinema, for Moonrise Kingdom, PG rated and a fundraiser for DC Rotary. See Alexander Kravetz for tickets ($12 each).
5) The University Club is having a summer Membership drive so that for $250 you can enjoy the club facilities until Labor Day.  Contact the U Club front desk or Kathleen Keenan in the Membership office.

Gus Gallagher provided an encouraging announcement for members to become Paul Harris Fellows.  This is a rare opportunity for a 3 for 1 match for members to make a $500 contribution to RI Foundation.  There are only 3 weeks left to take advantage of this offer by Rotary DC and Rotary District to make the match.  The product of RI Foundation is “World Peace.”

President-Elect David Klaus provided a colorful announcement (see picture below) of the coming Changing of the Guard Ceremony which will be Saturday, June 30 at the Mexican Cultural Institute, 2829 16th Street NW.  Dress is festival casual. 

Larry Margolis introduced Executive Director Deborah Williams, from Charter School Inspired Demonstration Teaching Schools.  They were recipients of a DC Rotary Foundation grant for $5k which will be used to update their electronic teaching capabilities.  These devices will be used for remedial and enhancement teaching programs.   They are also hoping to attract 7 volunteers to participate in this program.

The speaker was introduced by Ed O’Brien; Paul Dixon a writer of over 60 books.  Mr. Dixon writes on anything that interests him and spoke about a biography of Bill Veeck, an owner of no less than 4 different baseball clubs.    During the 40’s, he introduced successive efforts to integrate baseball with African American players.  In 1947, he made an unsuccessful attempt to establish an all Negro team in Indianapolis, IN.  He went to own 4 baseball teams; The Cleveland Indians; St Louis Browns; Baltimore Orioles; and the White Sox.

The small pot of $33 was won by Bob Walker.  As Bob didn’t find the ace of spades in the deck, next week’s pot will be $1,045.  Make sure that you buy your tickets next week.  
Have a great week!

Ken Kimbrough