At 12:30, the bell was struck and President Shaun called the meeting to order. Mobile phones were switched off.  American members pledged allegiance to the flag. 


Christian Benjamin led us with words of inspiration from a Mahatma Ghandi quote based on “Service”.
President Shaun English introduced Guests of Rotarians •Wonekha Oliver, Ambassador of Uganda, guest of Jennifer Hara •Judith Henderson, Retired Foreign Service Officer, guest of Clara Montanez •Sean Doggett, CEO of DMG, guest of Kenneth Brown •Michael Verga, guest of Andy Cook •Erin Pannell, Executive Director of The Global Innocence Network, guest of Dr. Sam Hancock •Diego Grajales, guest of Guillermo Grajales •Doug Gallagher, guest of Dr. Sam Hancock •Christine Walker, guest of Robert Walker •Ashley Hunter, YMCA intern, guest of Donnie Shaw •Alicia Fougere, guest of The Club •Ashish Guputa, Director of MAGTEA, guest of Balraj Gupta •Alberto V. Espinoza, Program Associate, guest of Shelton Williams •Susan McAvoy, guest of Marjorie Scott •Cathryn Courtin, Project Manager, guest of Brendan McGinnis
Visiting Rotarian from oversees was Jonathan Dario Aguas Sanchez, Naturalist, Past-President of Galapagos Islands Rotary Club.  
Sergeant at Arms David Treadwell, gave the birthday announcements:
Jim Freeman, June 9.  He joined in 1979, and his classification is Utilities
Monica Boner, June 13.  She joined 2000, and her classification is moving and Storage
Bill Simons, June 11.  He joined in 1978, and his classification is Insurance: Life
In announcements:
Rotarian Paula Delo spoke to us about our June Dine-Around which will be held at The Bombay Club, Thursday June 26th. Bombay Club voted one of top ten restaurants in DC in Washingtonian President Shaun presented Rotarian Brendan McGinnis with his Blue Badge.
Then Pres. Shaun introduced visiting International Rotarian Past-President, Jonathan Dario Aguas Sanchez, from The Galapagos Islands.
Jonathan Dario Aguas Sanchez, guest of Marjorie Scott, then presented Pres. Shaun with some delicious Chocolates from Ecuador.  Jonathon spoke to us about some of the projects they’re working on in his country.  One major problem in Ecuador is fresh water; his club is working towards getting fresh water filters to those in need.  They are also raising funds for scholarships in Ecuador and want to work with our club in these efforts.  The Galapagos Island Rotary Club has about 70 members.  Jonathan started Rotary in the Capitol, Guayaquil.

Each week this month we will hear about projects that the International Committee supported during the 2013-2014 Rotary Year.  
President Shaun then introduced Maria Nelly Pavisich from Project MUSO in West Africa.  She spoke about the impact rotary made with our contributions to Project MUSO.  MUSO’s mission is to eliminate preventable deaths in the world’s most impoverished communities.  The countries that partner with MUSO are Germany, Canada, U.K., Hong Kong, and the US.  So far $150,000 has been raised for this foundation, close to $35,000 from our club.  More than 6,000,000 children die each year before their 5th birthday. Deaths from completely treatable diseases like diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria.  MUSO is working toward making it possible for children to live past age 5 and giving normal people access to healthy living in Mali. MUSO is also building Ultra- rapid health systems working to help all in need.
Stefan Alber took the podium and spoke about the  future of journalism  and the current state of traditional news sources.  He then introduced our guest speaker Mr. Patrick Pexton.  Mr. Pexton engaged members with questions about media trends.  He spoke about newspaper revenue dropping almost half in the last 10 years and the decline in newsroom employment.  He said a famous quote by Warren Buffett, "Its hard to sell something when youre also giving it away". Mr. Pexton mentioned the  comparison of Advertising Companies versus GOOGLE"The guerrilla in the room" 50% of revenue made on the net go's to the company.  Google made $58 billion last year in total revenue.  People rely on Google for news which is the transformation of network model, how we cover the news is changing.
Mr Pexton spoke about the global decline in print circulation in a five year comparison, stating that Europe was hit  the hardest with a 23% decline. But, Print Advertising loses for the year,were comparable in North America(-9%)and Europe (-8%).  Thirty of the largest  digital only news organizations account for about 3,000 jobs and one area of investment is global coverage.  Vice Media has 35 overseas bureaus, The Huffington Post hopes to grow to 15 countries from 11 this year.  Buzzfeed hired a foreign editor to oversee its expansion into places like Mumbai, Mexico City, Berlin, and Tokyo.   Buzzfeed is designed to inform the next generation.
We learned that there is a strong  possibility of print advertising disappearing in 10-20 years as we transition to a digital age.  The Washington  Post averages 19 million monthly unique online visitors .  Politico is about to launch EUROCRAT publication in Brussels.  International reporters working for U.S. newspaper have declined 25% in the last decade. We are all eager to know how the Washington Post will evolve under the "titan of business" and Amazon "Guru", Jeff Bezos.  
We gave him a good round of applause and he was very pleased to receive the tree certificate.
New member Christian Benjamin brought up the green raffle bucket, and our president Shaun picked out the winning ticket, which.  Ken Kimbrough won $40 the inauspicious ace of hearts marked the end of his luck.  
The Hospitality Table was staffed by Balraj Gupta and Stu Shalloway, and the greeters were Bill Simons and Marta Pentassuglia.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm, with the customary reminder to turn the phones back on.