At 12:30, President Shaun called the meeting to order, asked for the silencing of cell phones, and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Eric Fraint gave the words of inspiration, using the old saying about making new friends while keeping old friends.


Secretary Tim Hurd introduced guests:

Guests of Rotarians:  

  • Brendan McGinnis, President, Water Resources Action Project, a guest of Abe Helal
  • Kirstin Gercke, Partnership Coordinator, George Washington University, guest of Nancy Almgren from RC of Annapolis
  • Rachel Ross, PMI Parking, guest of Nancy Riker,
  • Michael Bethea, PMI Head of Oerations, guest of Nancy Riker
  • David Wu, President, Wu and Associates, guest of Glynis Long
  • Mark Hecker, Executive Director, Reach Inc, guest of Kathy Ward
  • William Busker, President, the WSB Company, guest of Dr. Sam Hancock
  • Wayne Lindstrom, CEO, Mental Health America, guest of Abe Helal
  • Diego Grajales, VP Kazen Services, guest of Memo Grajales
US Rotarians in Attendance:
  • Nancy Almgren, Annapolis, who invited us to their upcoming crab feast
  • Brad Hawkins, Alexandria
  • Scott Leckman, Salt Lake City, who presented us with a banner

Overseas Rotarians in Attendance:

  • John Pierre Verbiest, Rotary Club of Bangkok,  Director of Community Liaison, Myanmar Rotary Services
  • Andrea Ghiaroni, President, Ghiaroni and Musiani Inc, and her guest, Silvia Musiani, CEO Itala Group Llc

Sergeant at Arms David Treadwell welcomed back Past President Carl Gell, who was back at the meeting after an illness. David then announced the birthdays:

  • Steve Dingledine,  July 24. Steve joined in 2002, sponsored by John Prominski. His classification is Education.
  • Kathy Ward, July 24.  Kathy was sponsored by Larry Margolis in 2001 when she joined the Club, transferring from the Dallas Rotary Club. Her classification is Consulting: Fundraising and Business Development.
  • Earl Strimple, July 25.  Earl joined our club in 1964, and was sponsored by William Cooper. His classification is Veterinary: General Practice.
  • Quentin Wodon, July 26. Quentin joined in 2001, sponsored by Mark Wilson. His classification is International Banking: Advisor.

President Shaun reminded everyone to Save the Date for DCPS Beautification Day, Saturday, August 24 from 9 am to 1 pm. The club will be working at Stanton Elementary School under the direction of Past President Howard DavisPresident Shaun recognized the following as Paul Harris Fellows:

Lisa Cohen, Lynn Holec, Christa McCLure (+4 jewels), David Klaus (+7 jewels), Peggy Schoen (+7 jewels).

He announced that Sharon Taylor has earned her blue badge.

Past President David Klaus took a minute to give personal recognition to Quentin Wodon for service during his administration.

Erminia Scarcella then introduced  our speaker,  Brigadier General Pietro Tornabene.  General Tornabene is finishing up three years of service as Military Attache at the Italian Embassy and will soon return to Italy as Commanding General of the Corps of Engineers . She promised that General Tornabene would be an entertaining speaker who can connect the dots in history, and her prediction came true.

General Tornabene gave a slide presentation on Italian history.  Though proud of the achievements of the Ancient Romans, he said he would instead review for us the creation of the Republic of Italy as it gradually took shape between the late 1700s and 1861.  It isn’t necessary to give the details of his cheerful talk, but we all learned a great deal about the Italian flag, the patriots who fought for independence, the role of the Austrians and the French. We heard how Garibaldi retired to self-exile on the ship Washington on the 4th of July, 1860.  General Tornabene’s bright green laser pointer highlighted battles and  kings. He told us about Saliceti, the mysterious advisor to Napoleon III, and about the Countess of Castilogne.  In the question period, Oscar Bartoli sang for us part of an Italian song about the Countess, a tune which the General also knew.  General Tornabene ended saying he hopes no one forgets all the unknown supporters of the famous historical figures who gave Italy the gift of freedom and independence, a gift which needs to be continually renewed for everyone in all free nations.

President Shaun presented the tree certificate, and called for the green raffle container. Tim Hurd won the $64 small pot. However, the $900+ large pot remained secure for another week.

The raffle was managed by new member Shelly Williams. The Hospitality table was staffed by Balraj Gupta and Ted Hamady.  Greeters were Kathy Ward, Andy Koval and Ausra Kaminskas.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 p.m.