President David Klaus called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM and led the members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Dave Brady provided words of inspiration.
Secretary Lynn Holec introduced the guests. Visiting American Rotarians were District Governor Bob Parkinson, of the Lexington Park Rotary Club in southern Maryland and Sean McCalister, immediate Past President of the Capitol Hill Rotary Club and now Assistant Governor for the four Rotary Clubs in the District of Columbia and the Metro-Bethesda Rotary Club in Montgomery County.

Sergeant-at-Arms Peggy Schoen wished happy birthday to Art Keys and read a list of the Rotarians with perfect attendance in May.  Each Rotarian was asked to stand as his or her name was called.

Herb Brickson provided a Foundation Moment.  He distinguished the practices of the Rotary Foundation and the Rotary International Foundation.  Thousand dollar donations to the Rotary Foundation will be spent to fund projects during the year.  Such contributions to Rotary International Foundation go into a permanent fund.  The interest earned by the fund is spent on projects. President David added that either fund appreciated all donations of any amount.  They do not have to be $1,000.  President David recognized the following Paul Harris recipients:  Joel Alperstein, Howard Davis, Peggy Schoen, Gus Gallagher and Tony Cusack.

President David presented a DC Rotary Club centennial pin to Bob Parkinson, the District Governor. 

President David presented a plaque to Past President Howard recognizing his service above self.  The plaque will go on the garden bench that was given to him by the Club at the Changing of the Guard. 

Alexander Kravetz introduced the meeting’s guest speaker, Carole Zawatsky, Chief Executive Officer of the Washington DC Jewish Community Center (“JCC”).  Ms. Zawatsky discussed the historic importance of the building that the JCC occupies at 16th and Q Streets, NW.  The building was constructed for the JCC in 1926.  The JCC moved to Rockville in the 1960’s only to return to the 16th Street location in 1996.  She described the JCC’s intention to be an active part of the community and a space for the arts and Jewish culture in the city.  Among the JCC’s 2012 activities that she described were the following:  September 14th Open House, October 15 Sukkah Hop, December 20-27 8 Nights of Light (celebrating Chanukah), January 9th New Year’s Open House, February 1-9 “Reel Abilities” (film festival) and January 19-April 6 Walking Tel Aviv (exhibit of photographs by David Bergholz).  She emphasized the JCC’s dedication to service citing a traditional Jewish saying “The day is short and the task is great.”  She explained that the JCC is open to all and participates in the Pride Parade.  It has programs that support children and families.  Its Theater J is an equity theater and has programs to support local artists encouraging local play writers by providing a forum to have their plays read and potentially performed.

President David introduced visiting Rotarian Gerard-Philippe Grandjean of the Champs-Elysees Rotary Club of Paris and his wife Benedicte, who had arrived after the guests had been introduced.

President David ended the meeting with the raffle.  Andy Boyd and Tony Cusack sold the tickets.  Bob Walker won the small pot.

The meeting was adjoined at 1:30 PM.

Registration was handled by Gretchen Kearney

Hospitality by Balraj Gupta, Norm Coe, Stu Shalloway and Ted Hamady.

The Greeter was Ken Kimbrough.