At 12:30 sharp, new President Shaun English called the first meeting of the Rotary Year to order, asked for the silencing of cell phones, and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Russ Savage took note of Independence Day by reading the poem by Emma Lazarus, which provided the inscription for the Statue of Liberty.

Secretary Tim Hurd introduced the guests of Rotarians: Rich Moore, Department of Veterans Affairs; James Butler,  CEO of Guardhouse LLC , guest of Sam Hancock and soon-to-be member of our club;  Heather Jaffran, a Rotarian and Owner of Jaffran Consulting, a guest of Abe Helal; and LaToria H. Kern, guest of Lisa Cohen.   John Danner had a number of guests at his table:  Marshal and Sherry Horn, Officers of Kids Against Hunger, an Oklahoma based charity; and Royce Rex, Yvonne and Jimmy Jones, also on the board of Kids against Hunger.  John Danner gave a brief summary of some of the great work Kids Against Hunger has been doing.  Sheldon Ray brought his guest Miguel Leonardo of Morgan Stanley. Greg Smith, District Administrator of the Key Club, was another guest of John Danner. 

There were two International Rotarians:  we introduced Robert Bowman Clarke, a Paul Harris Fellow, who gave us a flag featuring Aphrodite from his club in Greece, and Elizabeth Celi of the psychology services firm Elements Integrated in Mt. Martha, Victoria, Australia.

Sergeant at Arms David Treadwell announced the birthdays:

Andy Cook, June 30
Past President Andy joined our club in 1998.  His classification is Law: Government Contracts and he was sponsored by Peter Kennedy.  Andy is also serving as an Area Governor for our District this year.

Stefan Alber, July 2
Treasurer Stefan Alber joined our club in 2011. He was sponsored by David Klaus and his classification is International Development: Operations.

Donald Hense , July 4
New member Donald Hense was sponsored by Kathy Ward when he joined earlier this year. His classification is Education: Charter Schools.

Susan Pausky , July 4
Susan joined our club in 2012, sponsored by Kathy Ward. Her classification is Real Estate: Commercial.

Jim Adduci,  July 6
Jim was sponsored by Clara Montanez when he joined in 2011. His classification is Law: International Trade.

President Shaun reminded us of a fundraiser for Stanton Elementary School to be hosted by the Rotaract Club on Thursday, July 11. 

The reminder of the meeting was devoted to a Club Assembly.  President Shaun showed slides with the names and assignments of all the new officers and committee heads.  

He described the continuing refinement of the Red Badge/Blue Badge system, the establishment of a mentor program, and a ”class year”  identification, all for new members.

President Shaun is exploring the possibility of a tiered dues system to bring in younger members and has a target of 15 new members above our current 168.

In the coming year he hopes to reinstitute occasional songs at the start of meetings, a fundraiser, the Past Presidents Dinner, and the Rotary/Kiwanis Golf and Tennis Tournament.

A general discussion including members of the club touched on long term planning (which is in the works), and finances. 

The $29 raffle was won by Ken Kimbrough.  The card he drew for the big pot of over $800 was the deuce of spades, very close but no prize.  The meeting was adjourned.   The Hospitality table was staffed by Stu Shalloway