The January 30 meeting of the Rotary Club of Washington, DC, was called to order by President David Klaus at 12:30 PM.
He led the American members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance. Steve Genung gave the words of inspiration, sharing a poem he once found on a scrap of paper, entitled ‘The Man in the Mirror.” He encouraged members to look at themselves, look to themselves to be the judge of their actions, both seen and unseen.

Paula Delo, substituting for Secretary Lynn Holec, announced the guests. They were:

  • Lindsay Caldwell, Media reporter/ journalist; guest of May Gwinn;
  • Phyllis Sidorsky, retired librarian, National Cathedral School; guest of Marjorie Scott;
  • Jahandad Memarian; guest of Clara Montanez;
  • Maureen Dwyer, Executive Director, Sitar Arts Center; guest of Glen O’Gilvie;
  • Eric Norland, National Program Leader, USDA; guest of Wilhelmina Bratton;
  • Eric Fraint, President and Founder, Your Part-Time Controller; guest of Abe Helal;
  • Myrta Cafarles, Senior Grants Specialist, Department of Justice; guest of Myrna Cafarles;
  • Michael Robinson, Director of Extended Learning, Friendship Public Charter School; guest of Kathy Ward;
  • Donald Hense, Chairman, Friendship Schools; guest of Kathy Ward;
  • John Mathison, Director of Cal State internship program; Rotarian from California;
  • Kara Merrigan, President of DC Rotaract;
  • Marilyn Cruz, Treasurer, DC Rotaract;
  • Young Kyung Kzm, Rotaract member and lastly, a special recognition,
  • Jane Reaves, wife of Frank Reaves, to whom she has been married 65 years.

Peg Schoen, Sergeant of Arms, announced the birthdays, They are:

  • Don Marx, January 30; Past President Don , and current Foundation vice president and fund derive chair, joined our club in 2003, He was sponsored by Max Salas, and his classification is Consulting, Management and Technology. Don and Joanne are on their way back from Afghanistan today.
  • Elizabeth Delo, January 31; Elizabeth joined our club in 2005, sponsored by Katharine Delo Gregg. Her classification is Investment Manager.
  • Casey Mauldin. February 2: Casey joined our club in 2012, sponsored by Abe Helal. His classification is Ban king Innovation Officer.

Peggy also discussed the Fireside Chats, thanking Secretary Lynn Holec for hosting an evening in her home last week.


  • PP Howard Davis gave the Foundation Fundraising Campaign Update;
  • President David read a note from the Rotary Club of Thornleigh (outside of Sydney, Australia) that their club had offered up a toast to our club this week;
  • President David announced that this is the last week to register for the District conference at reduced rates;
  • He also asked for volunteers to help with the hospitality table for the next six weeks. (See Stu Shalloway if you can help);
  • Concluding the announcements, President David presented Steve Genung with his blue badge, making him an official member of the club.


“Is there salvation in the Episcopal church? Probably,” said the Rev. Dr. Francis Wade, former interim Dean of the Washington National Catherdral, “‘but no gentleman would prevail himself of it, ’ ”he quoted. As our speaker, introduced by Davis Kennedy, Dr. Wade spoke of the cathedral, its conception and its importance to the Washington landscape and the city’s philosophy. Rising in size on the highest point of land in DC, the cathedral signals God’s magnificence and man’s incomplete and yearning state.

As a repository for hope, where the “voices of angels we hold dear” can be heard, the cathedral, does nationally what the village church does locally, serving the country’s leaders with a religiosity of pomp at times when we need to mark hallowed occasions.

The massive cathedral, whose central tower is twenty stories high, was conceived in 1893, and signed into existence by President Benjamin Harrison. The cornerstone was laid in 1907 during the term of T.R. Roosevelt and finished in 1990 while George Herbert Walker Bush was president.

With tongue-in-cheek humor, Dr. Wade brought sunlight to a gloomy winter day with a talk that included ample time for participation from our Rotary audience.

New member, Lauren Lloyd, ran the raffle. The small pot of $72 and the large pot was $1,092 and continues to grow.

The meeting was supported by the Hospitality table with Stu Shalloway as manager. Richard Pyle and Elizabeth Delo were greeters,

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.