The meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM by the Club’s President David Klaus.  He led the American members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Gene Lloyd provided the words of inspiration.  President David informed the meeting of the death of DC Rotarian Werner Fornos.
Secretary Lynn Holec introduced the guests:
  • Barbara Novick, member of the DTC Rotary Club (Denver) and a guest of John Danner
  • Deraux Branch, member of the Syracuse, NY Club. He is considering membership in our club, as he recently transferred to the Washington area.
  • Christina Peters, member of the NY-UN club
  • Giovanna Casagrande, guest of Erminia Scarcella
  • Wayne Lindstrom, CEO of Mental Health America and guest of Kenny Barnes
  • Youngkyun Kim, Rotaract Member
  • Maria Botero, Casper Tolstrup, and Anne Hansen, who are all Rotary Scholars from the University of Georgia in town for the Inauguration. They were generously hosted during their visit by Christa McClure in her home.
  • Gemma Jiang, Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and guest of Herb Brickson
  • Jimmie Reyna, Circuit Court Judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals and guest of Ken Kimbrough
  • Renier Guerra, with the Embassy of Italy and a guest of Umberto Viviani
  • Sandra Baer, guest of Sheldon Ray
  • Chef Luigi Dio Tailti of Al Tiramisu
  • Igor Samac, of IRD and guest of Jim Lanning

Peggy Schoen, Sergeant at Arms, announced the following birthdays:

  • Jerry Kohlenberger on January 23.  Jerry is the Foundation Secretary and joined the Club in 2005.  He was sponsored by Thomas Parr.  His classification is Private Equity.
  • Mark Wilson on January 23.  Mark serves as Co-Chairman of our International Services Committee.  He joined the Club in 2006 and was sponsored by Ralph Hanan.
  • Gibby Gibson on January 26.  Gibby has been a member of the Club for 41 years and is a Past President.  His classification is Medicine:  Orthopedics.
  • Dick Pyle on January 26.  Dick is Programs Committee Co-Chair and a recent retiree from the Peace Corps.  He is a Past President of the Austin, Texas Rotary Club.  He joined our Club in 2003 and his classification is Government Service:  Peace Corps.  He was sponsored by Dave Hamod.

Peggy read a list the Club members with 100% attendance in December 2012.  She then read lists of those with 80% attendance in the first six-months of the current Club year, 90% attendance and those with 100% attendance.


  • Monica Boner provided an update on the Club’s Foundation fundraising campaign.  Contributions have reached $21,000.  She encouraged all Club members to contribute to the campaign in the amount that they were comfortable.
  • Monica reminded the Club that the deadline for Community Service Grant applications had been extended to January 31, 2013.
  • President David reminded the Club that Jennifer Hara was coordinating the Global Grants Scholarship applications.  Anyone with questions or information about Rotary scholarships should contact Jennifer.
  • President David presented new member Helen Moore with her Red Badge.  She was sponsored by Irene Koerner and Howard Davis.  Her classification is Law:  Regulatory Oversight.
  • Erminia Scarcella suggested that Club members consider hosting small fund raisers.  For example, she organized a tea for women Club members, which succeeded in realizing a profit that was contributed to the Foundation.


Erminia Scarcella introduced the program speaker, the Ambassador from San Marino, H.E. Paolo Rondelli.

Ambassador Rondelli provided a brief history of the Republic of San Marino.  He also described its political structure, economy and geography.  San Marino is one of three countries on the Italian peninsula.  The other two countries are the Vatican City and Italy.  It was founded in 301 and in 2008, UNESCO declared it a cultural heritage site.  It is about 24 square miles, has a population of 32,000 and according to the IMF, has the 9th highest per capita income in the world.  It also has the world’s highest life expectancy at 81 years for males.  The country’s ethnic heritage is Sammarinese and Italian and 98 percent of its population being Catholic.   San Marino is a parliamentary democracy with two heads of state that are called “Captains Regents” who govern simultaneously.    

Ambassador Rondelli showed slides of San Marino that confirmed the beautiful of the country and its setting on top of Mt. Titano in the northeastern part of the Italian peninsula.  He suggests visiting his country in the Spring or Autumn, though Summer is the most popular month for tourists.  He does not recommend visiting in the Winter, when San Marino can get three meters of snow. 

President David presented a tree certificate to Ambassador Rondelli, which promises that the Club will plant a tree in honor of our speakers.


Monica Boner won the raffle’s small pot, which was $58.  Monica did not draw the ace of spades; hence the $1,034 large pot continues to grow.


The meeting was supported by the following:

  • Haleh Vaziri sold the raffle tickets.
  • Balraj Gupta, Ted Hamady, Norm Coe and Stu Shalloway manned the hospitality table.
  • Lauren Lloyd and Helen Moore greeted Rotarians as they arrived.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.