This week, the Rotary Club of Washington, DC, welcomed guest speaker Adam Teitelman, Board Director of Bridge to Health.

President Lisa McCurdy opened the meeting at 12:30 pm and requested everyone silence all cell phones.
President Lisa McCurdy led us all in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Secretary Catherine Pociask called names of guests and visiting Rotarians.
(Sponsoring Rotarian)
Mary Hurd
Tim Hurd
Valerie Webev
Visiting Rotarian
Casey Sacks
Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Department of Education
Holly Joshi
Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Optimizley
Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Day then announced the birthdays and anniversaries.
The guest speaker was introduced, Adam Teitelman, Board Director of Bridge to Health. Bridge to Health medical and dental brigades are comprised of passionate medical and dental professionals brought together by a common desire to help provide healthcare to those in tremendous need. They currently operate in Sub-Saharan Africa with ongoing efforts to expand to other locations across the globe. Their aim is to provide sustainable healthcare in a cost effective manner and have a lasting impact on the communities served.
Adam Teitelman is a graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in International Human Resource Management. His deep passion for people and their organizations has enabled him to diversity his experiences working and volunteering in both for profit and nonprofit organizations. His years of expertise working in Sales and Marketing have become a great asset to Bridge to Health as an organization and on the field during the various brigades that Adam has volunteered in. Today Adam leads the Bridge to Health fundraising strategies and execution in both Canada and the United States.
President Lisa McCurdy adjourned the weekly meeting with final remarks at 1:30 p.m.