The Meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by the Club’s President David Klaus, who led the American members and guests present in the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Words of inspiration provided by Club Member Haleh Vaziri.
Secretary Lynn Holec announced guests of Rotarians and Rotarians visiting from other countries, then asked visiting American Rotarians to introduce themselves:

Diego Grajales, Vice President of Kasen Services and guest of Memo Grajales
Rose Chen, President, The Rose Group for Cross–Cultural Understanding and guest of Steve Adkins
Kathryn Nyerges, wife of speaker Alex Nyerges
Tonya Johnson, guest of Kenneth Barnes
Sharon Taylor, Counsel, Arnold & Porter, and guest of Marjorie Scott

Visiting Rotarians

Donald Mattewson, Classification: Professor, RC Bishop, CA
Joseph Dozier, Classification: Political Consulting, RC Fort Worth South

Sergeant at Arms Peggy Schoen announced and wished a happy birthday to members celebrating birthdays this week including

Wilhelmina Bratton – Feb 04
Community Service Grants Co-Chair and Club Board member.  Wilhelmina was sponsored by Dr. Sam Hancock when she joined in 2009.  Her classification is Forestry.

Yoshiko Urakawa – Feb 05
Yoshiko joined our club in August 2012.  She was sponsored by Akiko Murai and her classification is International Development: Aid Coordination.

Ben Fisher – Feb 06
Past President Ben Fisher (1983-84) was sponsored by Benton Tolley when he joined our club in 1964, almost 50 years ago!  His classification is Law: Federal Communications Regulation.

John Arness – Feb 08
Past President John Arness (1980-81) joined our club in 1967 and was sponsored by George Monk.  His classification is Law: Banking.

Jack Jackson – Feb 09
Jack was sponsored by Bill Simons when he joined our club in 1995.  His classification is Broadcast Media: Human Resource Management.

President David announced the next Grate Patrol – Friday February 15th – There is room for four volunteers on the Salvation Army van.  Normally, Rotaract fills two seats and Rotary Club two seats.  Kara Merrigan is the Rotaract Coordinator and her email is If you would like to volunteer, contact John Jackson at

President David presented Red Badges to two new members:
Liz Salett
You may remember Liz when she spoke at our meeting last year on the topic of Human Trafficking.  Liz is married and resides in Washington, DC.  Liz was sponsored by Paula Delo and Abe Helal.

Bill Watts
Bill’s father is a Rotarian in North Carolina.  He is an attorney and married with a young son.  He was sponsored by Howard Davis and Abe Helal.

President David presented a Blue Badge to Myrna Charles.  Myrna was sponsored by Dick Pyle when she joined the Club in February 2012.

Paula Delo introduced our speaker, Alex Nyerges, Director, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Mr. Nyerges provided an engaging PowerPoint presentation with detailed information and images of exhibits and the structure of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  The museum is one of the largest in the country at 650,000 square feet, spanning seven buildings.  It holds 5,000 – 6,000 works of art and houses exhibits that can only be seen in Richmond, VA and nowhere else in the United States.   The museum’s restaurant has also been named the best in Richmond by Style Weekly.  The museum is a phenomenal destination and attraction.  Mr. Nyerges encouraged Rotary Club Members to visit with their friends and families.

The Club Raffle tickets were sold by Steve Genung. The small pot was $64 and won by Larry Wang. Larry did not draw the Ace of Spades, so the Large pot will grow to more than $1,200 next week!

The meeting was supported by Ted Hamady, Stu Shalloway and Glynis Long at the Hospitality Table. Greeters were Howard Davis and Helen Moore.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.