This week the Rotary Club of Washington, DC, welcomed guest speaker Dr. George Stosur, geophysicist.

President Lisa McCurdy opened the meeting at 12:30 pm and requested everyone silence all cell phones.
President Lisa McCurdy led us all in singing.
Deputy Secretary Whitney Doll announced visiting guests and Rotarians.
(Sponsoring Rotarian)
Mark Kimbell
General Manager
Visiting Rotarian
Darrell Gillespie
Visiting Rotarian
Grace Foster
Back on My Feet
Chapter Director, Visiting Rotarian
Patricia Carol Hobson
Senior Staff Attorney, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, LLP
Massimo FRANCO
DGN 2021 - District 2100 Italy
Rishab Chhajer
James Butler
VP DC Wise 1
Phillip Mosby
Poet Ambassador, Free Minds Book Club
Joshua Samuel
John Lewis Fellow, Free Minds Book Club
Charles Botwick
President/CEO CHB Group
Sam Hancock
Crystal Iwuoha
Communications and Community Engagement Specialist, Free Minds Book Club
Acting Sergeant-at-Arms Ken Kimbrough then announced the anniversaries.
Announcement from Peter Danjczek: Please contact Peter to volunteer to deliver dictionaries to 3rd grade students in the area.
Jim Freeman introduced our guest speaker, Dr. George Stosur, geophysicist. George spoke about tsunamis. He shared a number of photos from around the world that showed the aftermath of various tsunamis. While often called tidal waves, tsunamis have nothing to do with the tides. Generally they are caused by earthquakes or underwater explosions like you would get from a volcanic eruption. If you are ever at the beach and the tide quickly goes out, run. It’s still very hard to predict a tsunami, but scientists are getting better at early warning and detection systems. Some tsunamis can be detected an hour before they fall on land.  
President Lisa McCurdy presented a tree certificate.
New member Casey Sacks gave a new member talk.
President Lisa McCurdy adjourned the weekly meeting with final remarks at 1:30 p.m.