The Meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by the Club’s President David Klaus.   He led the American members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Glen O’Gilvie provide the words of inspiration.
Secretary Lynn Holec introduced the following guests:
  • Paul Chaffiutte, VP Risk Management of Interlink Capital Strategies and a guest of Ken Kimbrough
  • Prakash Khatri, an Attorney at Khatri Law and a guest of Alexander Kravetz
  • David Wilcox, the Health Services Attaché at the Canadian Embassy and a guest of Erminia Scarcella
  • Lynn Martin of the U.S. Postal Service and a guest of Lucia Serra
  • Dennis Gonier, CEO of TARP and a guest of Sheldon Ray
  • Judy Ramey, Sr. VP RBC Wealth Management and a guest of Asif Bhally
  • Ayesha Baigmohamed, Associate of TTR Sotheby’s International and a guest of Nadia Saad
  • Diego Grajales, VP Cyber Security at Kazen Services and a guest of Memo Grajales
  • Claude Evans, CEO Evans Enterprises and a guest of Ken Kimbrough
  • Alexandra Senyi, an Attorney and a guest of Ralph Winnie
  • Sharon Taylor, Counsel at Arnold and Porter and a guest of Marjorie Scott
  • Leonard Jessop, a Pilot at US Airways and a guest of Jim Lanning

Secretary Lynn, filling in for Sergeant at Arms Peggy Schoen, announced the following birthdays:

  • Steve Genung, February 24, who joined the Club in 2012.  His classification is Healthcare: Home.
  • John Danner, February 27, who joined the Club in 2006.  His classification is Communications.
  • Dave Hamod, February 28, who joined the Club in 1991.  His classification is Consulting: International Business.


  • President David reminded the Club that the primary international project of Rotary is the eradication of polio.  President David discussed the response to a January 3, 2013 notification of a wild poliovirus type 1 case in Niger.  The event confirms the risk of ongoing international spread of a pathogen slated for eradication.  Given the history of international spread of polio from northern Nigeria across west Africa, the World Health Organization’s assesses the risk of further international spread from Nigeria as high.
  • Paula Delo announced that on April 13th the club will host an event with Jim Soris to discuss the progressive movement in recent U.S. history.  Proceeds will benefit Polio Plus
  • President David discussed Club member Oscar Bartoli’s book, which is on bookshelves now. 
  • President David noted that a Fireside Chat is scheduled for Sunday, March 3 at Nancy Riker’s home.
  • President David announced that Club members will receive a 10% discount at Al Tiramisu during lunch.
  • President David presented the blue badge to Glen O’Gilvie, who completed his last three remaining tasks in the 24 hours before the meeting (Dupont Circle Club on Tuesday night, managing the raffle and providing the inspiration at today’s meeting!).

Erminia Scarcella introduced the speaker, H.E. Gary Doer, Ambassador of Canada to the United States.

H.E. Doer recognized the long history of partnership between Canada and the United States.  The two countries regularly converse on world issues such as events in Libya, Syria and Iran.  H.E. Doer discussed the border between the Canada and the U.S. and that the goal is to manage risk.  He noted the system should be to check something once, accept it twice. 

H.E. Doer discussed clean air and water initiatives undertaken by Canada.  He discussed the efforts of the Montreal Protocol and stated that this initiative has decreased more greenhouse gas than Kyoto Protocol.  H.E. Doer discussed the Keystone Pipeline.  It is intended, said H.E. Doer, that the pipeline will replace oil imported from Venezuela.  H.E. Doer believes that completion of the pipeline should be approved by the U.S. administration considering the White House has already approved the southern half of the pipeline.

At the end of H.E. Doer’s talk, there were many questions from members including questions concerning cyber security, the Canadian banking industry, the Arctic Passage, and Canada’s relationship with China.  With respect to China, H.E. Doer noted that Canadians helped China to develop its healthcare system.  He also discussed the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  He noted that he would like to see reciprocity and the rule of law as focal points.

President David presented a tree certificate to H.E. Doer, which promises that the Club will plant a tree in honor of our speakers.

Club Raffle

Monica Smith won the raffle’s small pot, which was $70.  She did not draw the ace of spades; hence the $1,368 large pot grows to more than $1,400 next week!

The Meeting was supported by

  • Glen O’Gilvie sold the raffle tickets.
  • Stu Shalloway and Steve Genung manned the hospitality table.
  • Monica Smith and Ken Kimbrough greeted Rotarians as they arrived.

The Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.