Starting at 12:30 P.M, President David led the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced Sterling Hoffman to deliver Words of Inspiration. Sterling’s inspiration included “A simple act of kindness can stop millions of tears," and “The world will be better place if we all cared a little more.”
Secretary Mike Carmichael introduced visiting Rotarians and guests of Rotarians.
Host  or Home Club
Cary Pollak
Guest of Christine Warnke and Dr. Sam Hancock
Owner, International Cuisine.
Laron Thomas
Guest of Trip Triptin
Prer Pakhrin
Accompanying Speaker
Alden Adkins
Son of Steve Adkins
Corey Williams
Guest of Steve Adkins
Arrel Reyes Olano
Tagum, Dist. 3860
Father of Arrel Olano
Berlinda Olano
Tagum, Dist. 3860
Mother of Arrel Olano
Renita Ruxanda
Rotaract DC
VP of Rotaract Club
Mary Goldsmith
Guest of Ken Kimborugh
Director of Business Development & Govt. Affairs, McGladrey
Katie Lantuh
Guest of Michael Harper
PE&PA Specialist
Annette Cappola
Guest of Matt Ford
Health Advisor Coffey International
Scottraux Taylor
Guest of Deraux Branch
Judge Dwayne Benton
Guest of Larry Margolis
Chair of Council on Legislation, Rotary International
Sergeant-at-Arms Ken Kimbrough recognized the Rotarians celebrating a birthday this week:
  • Oscar Bartoli - Aug 02. Oscar joined our club in 1995, sponsored by Maurizio De Pellegrini. But Oscar is a longtime Rotarian, first joining the Roma Casia, Italy club in 1974. He served as that club’s president in 1989-1990. His classification is Journalist: Freelance.
  • Mike Carmichael - Aug 02.  Secretary Mike was sponsored by Haleh Vaziri when he joined in 2013. His classification is Consulting: Management & Human Resources.
  • Myrna Charles - Aug 04.   Myrna was sponsored by Dick Pyle when she joined our club in 2012. Her classification is Medicine: Epidemiology.
School Beautification Day - DC schools are not doing a system-wide beautification day this year. However, DC Scholars Stanton Elementary School is having its own Beautification Day on Saturday, August 22nd from 8:00 until noon.  Attire:  Clothing fit for gardening, painting and building.
An announcement was made about the sister cities event on September 22nd.  
Shaun English (Co-Chairing with Peggy Garrett and Shelly Williams) made the announcement on the Walter Reed Bingo. This is held every 3rd Thursday from 6 PM to 7 PM. We play bingo with veterans. We mingle with them and families. It is well received. They win a prize for a bingo. The foundation pays for this. I think we are actually outsiders coming in inside. By us going in there, it is interacting with the patients. Rotary is doing since WWII. Red badges can volunteer once a month as well as regular Rotarians. Walter Reed used to be Naval Hospital. Security is pretty tight. Need to fill the paperwork one week before. On the Rotary website, download and submit it. Be sure to complete the paperwork before you go to bed and send to Shelly. President Dave remarked these are truly our wounded warriors. He added they would not be at Walter Reed if they did not need serious medical care.
Happy Hour Announcement was made by Alexander Kravetz. This is being held on August 6th from 6 to 8 PM at the University Club.
Larry Margolis introduced special guest Judge Dwayne Benton, Chair of Council on Legislation, Rotary International. Dwayne shared more information into the workings and structure of the RI Council on Legislation, which has the authority to change any rules on Rotary. Each district has one representative.  Larry is our representative. Meets in Chicago for a week reviewing about 180 proposals. This year the RI board of director has asked for review of the following:
  1. Club meeting frequency requirement – Currently weekly, except for a couple of clubs (like Charlottesville) that were grandfathered in with meetings every two weeks).Should the clubs meet weekly, every other week or monthly?  
  2. Attendance requirements
  3. Another would be membership. Leave up to the club?
  4. Classification system. Possibly do away with the system or allow clubs a choice, so a club could have membership of all nurses. Or all members of the Treasury Dept.
Dwayne ended his information sharing by saying that he is sure Larry will keep us up to date.
More information on the Council on Legislation can be found at
Pat Cunningham introduced the speaker – Terry Baugh. Pat said she is proud to introduce Terry Baugh, the President and Co-Founder of Kidsave International.
Terry started her speech by saying - Hi Everybody. It's an honor to be here. I want to tell you about Kidsave International. I came to Washington DC in 1975 to be a businesswoman, in Public Relations I started my own company and helped try to create change like Breast cancer awareness and stop smoking. Suddenly my biological clock was ticking and forgot to have a baby. We decided to adopt. We went to Russia and it seemed to be fast and quick. Went on a plane one February day and went to Siberia to adopt a kid at a Russian orphanage. This trip changed my life. When I went into this orphanage, I have been traveling to Uganda, Egypt. When I went into this Siberian orphanage, kids were warehoused here. Remember this place - full of cobblers - head shaved, they were sitting there. Couldn't believe that. Later learned that when kids don't have parental guidance, they don't get brain development. Never get back those early lives.
When I came home to the US, I told my business partner. She had worked with an orphanage in Kazakhstan. They did not have any opportunity for jobs. When she came home, we started looking around. UNICEF, USAID said was not a priority. Adoption agencies were interested in babies.  Hence we had to start our own organization. Thus Kidsave International was born.
We did not know anything about non-profits. We rented out this place which housed 11 - 13 years kids 13 of them. All of them were eventually adopted. We decided we would scale this. Randy was working with me. We brought 177 Russian kids. Introduced to other people, who might be interested in adopting. At the end of 6 weeks, 97% of these kids were adopted. We have done that for 17 years. We have had 80% of the kids matched. The program still works. The international adoption program is not an end in itself. We are very committed to that count.
After we did the summer program, we went back to Russia. They pushed the age up to 3; hosting in their country - Russian orphans into Russian families. There is such stigma is Russia like they perceive - parents are alcoholics; we don't know if anyone will take those kids. The people who work in the orphanages took the kids into their homes. People on the community saw this and then started taking these kids into their homes also. Over 900 kids. Program evolved more into foster care, someone came from Columbia. We want them in an international program. We started putting Columbian kids in Columbian homes. We opened the door and allowed the people to come in. It really transforms the society, the Columbian govt encourages family visits.
We started Kidsave International because we saw the problem overseas. The older kids were languishing - 9 years old better chance. We talked to DC, LA and Fairfax Counties. Every county has treated differently. In DC it is run by DC family youth initiative - DCFYI. We want to have some great success.
Domestic foster care is finding 70% matching. 45% adopted. Others in process. We are very proud of this. Our quest is a global one. We had an opportunity in Sierra Lyon' one of the poorest countries in the world. Bad luck the Ebola hit. Since November, we have placed 100 Ebola kids in families. We know our program works. It is a human model which is based on a loving kind. Now we want to shift to small organization and engagement of the government. So all 50 states can use this model. All countries can use this. We have a bold audacious goal of a million kids by 2020 finally.
What is most important - my parents were amazing. My dad said you can do anything. I foolishly believed him. Want to end with a kids save video.
Question & Answer Period:
Question: thank you for the presentation. We will bring more celebrity. With current not so good relations with Russia. Is that have an impact?
Answer: We stopped bringing Russian kids since 2005. It is now more local Russian NGO. We will keep our office open to do some transitional work. We have excellent relationship with the child welfare organizations there.
Question: Have you done in reverse - US kids going abroad?
Answer: Being placed in German and Canadian.
More remarks by the speaker:
If you are interested in videos, our state department has so many focuses on aids prevention, malaria, and child welfare. Nepal, Haiti, Afghanistan.  We don’t have diplomats talking to those countries about how they deal with children in orphanages.  We do have diplomats talking with them about other stuff.
Question: What are the steps taken to preserve the culture and heritage of these kids?
Answer: Countries require certain steps. One of them looks how this is maintained.
President David presented Terry Baugh with a certificate indicating the club plants trees in honor of our speakers.
President David did a little bit of promotion. Tomorrow night is happy hour.
Annapolis Crab Feast is Friday, August 7th. We will have a van. That's Friday night-- one of the biggest events in the district. Please let Gretchen know if you are going.
Alicia Rule did the Raffle and mentioned this is the most anxious moment of a Rotary meeting. We have $57 and a large pot of $1,407. President David remarked this is no longer gamble, it is investing. This week includes $2 bill.  The winner of 2788458 – Jay Pugh won the small pot.
President David thanked Alicia Rule for conducting the raffle and serving as greeter, and Balraj Gupta, Stu Shalloway and Johnny Allem for managing the hospitality desk. He thanked Bala Murtha for writing the Meeting in Review.  He announced next week’s speaker will be Sandra Oudkirk, Office of Middle East, Department of State and would be off the record.  He reminded everyone that next week is Hawaiian Shirt Day!!
The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.