President David Klaus called the meeting to order at 12:30.  He led the Americans present in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Rotarian Diane Eames provided the Words of inspiration.


Secretary Lynn Holec introduced the following guests of Rotarians: Raja Gholmieh, guest of Nadia Saad; Bill Day, guest of Wilhelmina Bratton; Barbara Logan, guest of Hal Vaughn; Audrey Yiadom, guest of Lisa-Marie Monsanto; Guarionex and Margaret Ramirez, guests of Abrahem Helal; Her Excellency Amélia Matos Sumbana Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique, guest of Marjorie Scott.

She also introduced the Rotarians visiting from overseas:  Klaus Schaefer, RC Stuttgart, Germany, Rotary District 1830; Dr. Gabriele Kloesel-Schaefer, Past President, Stuttgart International Rotary Club, Germany, District 1830; her husband Klaus Schaefer; Valerie Belon (RC Curacao),

Secretary Lynn introduced two visiting Rotaractors:  Kara Merrigan, this year’s President of the Rotaract Club, and Uthra Raghonathan, Chair of the Professional Committee.

President David recognized Past District Governor Claude Morissette.

Sergeant-at-Arms Peggy Schoen wished happy birthday to the following Rotarians:  Bill Blake (August 19), Davis Kennedy (August 21), Joan Bristol (August 24), and Patricia Bueno-Abdala (August 24).

President David reminded the members of the upcoming D.C. Public Schools Beautification Day on Saturday, August 25, 2012, from 8:00AM until 1:00PM.  Interested Rotarians should contact Past President Howard Davis.    He also announced that the August meeting of the Board of Directors would take place the following day in the Board Room on the 7th floor of the ABA building (the building in which our club has its office).   President David then said that Rotarians interested in working on the committee for the Club’s fundraising event, probably a Mardi Gras celebration in February 2013, should contact Rotarian Laurie Husak immediately following the meeting, so that a date could be set for a kick-off planning meeting.

President David then invited Kara Merrigan, the President of the Rotaract Club, to come forward and make an announcement.  Kara announced that the Rotaract Club would be holding a fundraiser in Adams Morgan in October, hoped that Rotarians would attend. She also hoped that if they weren’t able to attend, they would be willing to contribute financially (on a voluntary basis) to the effort.   Kara also announced that the Rotaract Club hoped to resurrect the Mentoring Program (Rotarians providing personalized career advice to Rotaractors).

President David then invited Past District Governor Claude Morissette forward to make a presentation.  Past District Governor Claude in turn invited Past President Howard Davis and Membership Chairman Abrahem Helal forward.  He announced that our club had won the prize for recruiting the most new members in the Rotary year 2011-2012, presented Howard and Abe with a certificate, and congratulated the club on our efforts.

President David then introduced the speaker, District Governor Bob Parkinson and his wife Trish Parkinson (also a Rotarian).  Following Rotary tradition, the club stood to receive the District Governor.  During his introduction, President David noted the following milestones in District Governor Bob Parkinson’s life:  Born and raised in Mount Vernon, Washington, he attended and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1964 with a major in Biology.  Shortly thereafter he joined the U.S. Navy, where he served in various positions for nearly 30 years, and retired with the rank of a Navy Captain. During his military service, District Governor Bob Parkinson acquired in 1989 the degree of Master of Business Administration from George Washington University. Since retiring from the Navy, he founded and has held several management positions including chief executive officer of RSBP LLC,  a corporation he founded and which is owned by his family.  District Governor Bob Parkinson’s service in Rotary, began in 1992.  He has been International Lane Leader, Vice President, President Elect, and President of the Lexington Park Club and also served as on District 7620’s Grants Review Committee. He is a sustaining Paul Harris Fellow and has funded Paul Harris Fellowships for everyone else in his family.

Addressing the members, District Governor Bob Parkinson began by reporting on his meetings with RI President Sakuji Tanaka and Mr. Tanaka’s theme for this Rotary year, “Peace through Service.”  District Governor Bob explained RI President Tanaka’s view:  Gain individual satisfaction from making others happy.  Rotarians achieve this goal when they make their club strong by utilizing their assembled skills and means for the benefit of others, focusing on public service, and strengthening RI’s image through continuous public relations efforts, thus generating increased public interest in joining RI.   Such service will support peace, which in turn provides the climate for conflict resolution.  RI will organize a Peace Summit titled Peace and Conflict Resolution.  In preparation for the summit, District 7620 is organizing a Peace Forum on November 17, 2012.  District Governor Bob Parkinson invited our club to participate.

District Governor Bob then elaborated on District 7620’s internal matters, such as growth in membership, creating synergies among clubs within District 7620, funding for the Rotary Foundation, and ongoing training for Future Vision.  Rotarian Dan Easton is working on this year’s financial plan for the District.    District Governor Bob awaits the findings of the District’s review of structural issues scheduled for September 8, 2012, and will recommend implementing actions, if any, for our Club.  He noted that our Club is the District’s third or fourth largest, in terms of membership.  He commended the Club’s website and mentioned that the District is doing well on its new Facebook service.  District Governor Bob emphasized the vital role of good communication between District and member clubs, as well as the often overlooked need to fill out Grant forms.  Rotarian Lisa-Marie Montsanto of our club is in charge of the District Grants Committee.

District Governor Bob then talked about this year’s Super Summit, scheduled for April 25, 2013, which will concentrate on the topic of RI’s intrinsic strength through the sharing of ideas.  In response to questions he pointed out:   (1) Member clubs are allowed to partner with other organizations if and to the extent such partnership serves the basic benevolent mission of RI; (2) the District and RI are looking into options for Regional programs;  (3) inoculation centers have been established at border crossing points between Pakistan and Afghanistan to ensure that children moving back and forth across the border are protected from polio; (4) Corporate memberships in Rotary clubs are already offered to private companies, in the hope that Rotarians sponsored initially by their companies will eventually become Rotarians in their own right.

Ending his presentation, District Governor Bob once again mentioned RI’s mission of eradicating polio.  He pointed out that $1,000 finances the vaccination against polio of 167 children.  He shared his memories of a childhood friend of his and his mentor in mathematics who contracted polio.  He is grateful that his service in Rotary, assisting the fight against polio, allows him to “give back a little what this man has given me.” The club gave the District Governor a standing ovation, and President David presented to District Governor Bob a “Trees for the Capital” certificate, signifying our club’s intention to plant a tree in Washington in honor of District Governor Bob’s appearing before us today.

President David then asked Rotarian Laurie Husak, who had run the raffle, to come forward. Rotarian Bob Watson won the small pot of $71.  Bob then drew the ace of spades, winning the $1,551 that was in the large pot.

President David announced that registration was handled by Gretchen Kearney, the Hospitality Table was manned by Rotarian Balraj Gupta and Rotarian Ted Hamady, the Greeters were Rotarian Ginette Prosper and Rotarian David Kennedy, and the Meeting in Review would be written by Rotarian Christa McClure.

President David adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.