The following Meeting in Review notes are a reasonable facsimile of actual events that occurred at the Rotary Club of DC on Wednesday, the 12th of August, 2015, in the University Club, Washington, DC. On the one day that I, Sterling Hoffman, your officially-appointed "scribe", should have been EARLY for this duty, I was conspicuously absent for the first 30 minutes of the luncheon meeting. Metro delays caused by "single-tracking" is the excuse I am using. My attempt to sneak into the arena unnoticed was thwarted by, of all things, my attire. As you see, the dress code for this particular meeting had been relaxed to allow Hawaiian-styled shirts. My shirt was exceedingly loud and boisterous and when coupled with the seersucker suit…unobtrusive entering to assuage my embarrassment was not an option.
Hence, the veracity of the following minutes is dubious as they are a compilation of barely legible scribbled notes from Abe Helal, hearsay from various members and "recollections as to the facts" from various others contacted over the 24 hours following.
The commencing bell was rung on time at 12:30pm by Donnie Shaw, as acting Sergeant at Arms.
President David introduced himself, greeted the attendees and requested the silencing of those pesky cell phones. (Our guest speaker apparently did not heed his admonition, as hers rang during her program!)
President David welcomed us to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag.
The lovely and gracious Alicia Rule was the inspirational prophetess for the day, reciting "Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly" by Dr. Scott J. Simmerman, PhD. - rumored to be an expert in "metamorphosis".
Secretary Michael Carmichael introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians, who were checking out our club to see if we are as cool as rumor has it. There were 21 guest slips turned in. As so many had handwriting that was nearly- impossible to read, and as some may be unrecognizable below, they will be acknowledged en masse here with a fond, "Welcome to Rotary DC. We were delighted you attended our meeting!"
Host  or Home Club
Hailey Choi
Berkeley, CA
Center for International Policy
Thelma Jideonew
District 9140
Meredith Potts
Flagstaff, AZ
NGO Director
Wayne Turnbow
Turlock, CA
IT Management
Adam Castillo
Shelton Williams
Managing Director, SciFlo Services
Ruth Chervil
Sam Hancock
Chervil International Lobbyist Group
Annibal Coffy
Sam Hancock
Shamir Dozier
Glen Ogilvie
Center for Nonprofit Advancement
Nelson Escobar
Memo Grajales
Human Resources Specialist, JADB
Diedtra Henderson
Abe Helal
National Academy of Medicine
Ken Jenkins
Pete Larson
VP, Business Devel., Meltzer Group
Christiana Katsu
Erminia Scarcella
Human Resources Consultant
Jzahang Lu
Shelton Williams
American Chinese CEO Society
Christine Petrus
Shelton Williams
University Regensburg (Bavaria)
Rodrigo Rodgriquez
Clara Montanez
Danielle Samsingh
Alicia Fougere
Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars
Al Schachlmeyer
Alexander Kravetz
International Executive Service Corps
Jeffrey Schonberger
David Treadwell
Fabian Schraut
Shelton Williams
Osgood Center
Robert D. Stuckey
Donnie Shaw
Notre Dame Student
Shadden Zaki
Abe Helal
The weekly birthday announcing duty was in the hands of the effervescent Donnie Shaw. Acknowledgement was handled in a slightly different fashion this time. It was purported (by Donnie) that the list of members with birthdays was not given to him so a rousing yet somewhat off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday to You" was sung in lieu of individual recognition of birthdays. I am sorry to have missed that. Low and behold, said undelivered list of birthdays was found...after the meeting...on the front of Donnie's chair! So this document serves as the official, albeit tardy, recognition of the anniversary of the births of:
  • Dennis Cravedi - Aug 10.  Dennis joined our club in April, sponsored by Abe Helal. His classification is Broadcast Media: Producer.
  • Ted Hamady - Aug 11. While we haven't seen him much lately, we want Ted to know we are thinking of him, especially on his birthday. He originally joined Rotary in 1968, and our club in 1986, sponsored by Karl Hamady. His classification is Defense: Security Services.
  • Marvin Taylor-Dormond - Aug 13.  Marvin was sponsored by Rob Warne when he joined our club in 2006. His classification is Development Finance: Private Sector.
Happy Birthday!
Lisa McCurdy, fundraising diva, reminded us of the annual Duck Derby event at Yards Park on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Participation, donations and volunteers are welcome, and expected.
President David made the following announcements:
The monthly theatre outing - The Ed O'Brien Movie Night - was announced for this Thursday at 7:30pm at the E Street Cinema. The movie selection is excellent. "Best of Enemies" - an interesting documentary on the series of debates in 1968 between extremely liberal Gore Vidal and extremely conservative William F. Buckley, Jr..
An apropos film for the times as we are full steam ahead with this year's presidential race.
The beautification of Stanton Elementary School (SE Washington, DC) project is scheduled for Saturday, August 22, 2015 from 8am (yawn) until noon. To sign up, check out our website or contact Tim Hurd.
The Salvation Army ride-a-long and serve-food-to-the-homeless committee - The Grate Patrol - is looking for volunteers to (wo)man the food truck Tuesday, August 18th and Friday, August 21 around dinner time. There are lots of hungry folks out their that sure appreciate our efforts. John Jackson is your contact.
"Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, I don't care if I never get back...!"  Mark your calendar. Saturday, August 22 at 7:05 the Washington Nationals play the Milwaukee Brewers. It is being promoted as END POLIO NOW NIGHT so we need lots of Rotarians in the stands to cheer when our name comes up on the scoreboard. Sign up on the website by this Friday.
Membership is growing! Red Badges were presented by immediate Past-President Jennifer to new members Dayna Neef, Michael Onyemelukwe, Scott Love and Rich Madison.
The prestigious and lauded Blue Badge was bestowed to Pete Larson. Congrats to all!
Alexander Kravitz introduced our speaker - Ms. Sandra Oudkirk.  Ms. Oudkirk represents the Office of the Middle East, United States State Department.
While her program about ISIL and their funding of operations was approved by the State Department, we were forewarned that the details of her presentation were "off the record", not to be discussed outside our club nor recorded. So there! Don't ask, 'cuz I'm not telling!  A brief Q&A followed but not sharing that either!
The reforesting of the city continues with the post-speech awarding of a certificate informing Ms. Oudkirk that a tree will be planted in her honor around the Tidal Basin or in a city park.
The 50/50 raffle, Rotary's only RI sanctioned gambling event, was won by Jay Pugh in the amount of $63. The large pot continues to grow and is quickly approaching an amount where IRS officials will be standing by to take their share, up front, from the winner - $1462!!!!
Heartfelt thanks were bestowed by President David to the Hospitality Team of Balraj Gupta and Johnny Allem;  Greeters were the dynamic duo of Dayna Reef and Alicia Rule, both celebrities today in their own right as mentioned above; and the Meeting In Review was done in semi-absentia (but with good researching skills) by Sterling  Hoffman!
Next week, Gary Zuercher, Author and Photographer of "The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night". Book available for sale at the meeting.
And with the clang of the bell, the meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm sharp.