The meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM by the Club’s President David Klaus.  He led the American members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Asif Bhally provided words of inspiration.  In honor of April being poetry month, Asif read a poem by his favorite Pakistani poet. 


Secretary Lynn Holec introduced the following guests:

  • Nancy Conrad, Chairman of the Conrad Foundation, who was a guest of Doris Margolis.  Nancy is a prospective member.
  • Allen Jackson, Director, Program Operations of International Relief & Development, who was a guest of Jim Lanning.  Allen is a prospective member.
  • Kevin Dwyer, Education Consultant, and a guest of Kenny Barnes.
  • Bari Berger, Public Affairs Director, Church of Scientology, National Affairs Office and a guest of Kenny Barnes.  Bari is a prospective member.
  • Anne Deming, Assistant Director, Osgood Center for International Studies, who was a guest of Shelton Williams.
  • Zola Enkhbold, Associate Media Personnel of the Mongolian Parliament, who was a guest of Shelton Williams.
  • Enkhtuya Dorjzoud, Head Journalist of the Mongolian Parliament, who was a guest of Shelton Williams.
  • Rémi Rivoal, Student at American University, who was a guest of Irene Koerner.
  • Carol Thompson Cole, President and CEO, Venture Philanthropy Partners, who was a guest of Kathy Ward.  Carol is a prospective member.
  • Deferme Houthalen, a visiting Rotarian from the Houthalen Rotary Club in Belgium.  Deferme is an Optometrist.
  • Philip Wang, a visiting Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Taipei.  Philip is a member of the Taiwan diplomatic service.  He is also a former member of our Club and the father of Larry Wang

We also had the following visiting Rotarians from the United States who introduced themselves:  Estela Landeros-Dugourd and Diane Williams from the West Springfield Rotary Club and Richard Hyde, a member of the Rotary E-Club One. 


Sergeant at Arm’s Peggy Schoen announced the following birthdays:

  • Peter Kennedy on April 2.  Peter joined the Club in 1991 and was sponsored by Mac Asbill.  Peter’s classification is Document Management Services.
  • Kenny Barnes on April 3.  Kenny joined the Club in 2005 and was sponsored by Donnie Shaw.  Kenny’s classification is Gun Violence Prevention.
  • Peter Sawyer on April 5.  Peter joined the Club in 2011 and was sponsored by Don Marx.  His classification is International Journalism and Education.


Habitat for Humanity.  Howard Davis announced that the Habitat for Humanity is nearly completed the purchase of the land for the home that the DC Rotary Club will help build.  He expects construction to begin in six to eight weeks.

PolioPlus Spring Fling.  Paula Delo reminded people that the PolioPlus Spring Fling book party will be held on April 13th at Steve Adkins home.  She promised that it will be a lot of fun with a lovely location, interesting book discussion and plenty of food.  You can register on line or if you prefer, you can register by contacting either Paula or Lenore Jacobs.

Trivia Night.  President David announced that the Dupont Circle Rotary Club was hosting a Trivia Night fundraiser on Sunday, May 19th.  He asked for volunteers from our Club to participate.

Program Committee Survey.  The Program Committee will distribute a survey by email to all Club members.  Please respond by next Wednesday, April 10th.

District Convention.  The District Convention is being held April 25 through April 28 at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City.  President David encouraged Club members to register and attend the Convention.

Reverse Raffle.  Estela Dugourd and Diane Williams from the West Springfield Rotary Club announced their Club’s Spring Reverse Raffle Fundraiser.  It will be held on April 20, 2013 at the Springfield Golf & Country Club.  The grand prize is $10,000 or 40% of ticket sales, whichever is less.  The Club will sell a maximum of 350 tickets, thus you would have a reasonable chance of winning the Grand Prize.  The ticket price is $100.


Marlene Thorn introduced Sabina Bhatia, who is the Deputy Chief for External Relations at the International Monetary Fund (“IMF”). Marlene specified that Sabrina’s remarks would be off the record.  Sabrina gave a brief history of the IMF and distinguished its mission from that of the World Bank.  She described the IMF’s work and how it had evolved since its creation after the Second World War.  She also described the IMF’s organization, its financing and its governance.  Following her presentation, there were several questions from the Club members.


Ed O’Brien won the raffle’s small pot, which was $28, but did not win the $200 large pot.    


The meeting was supported by the following:

  • Deraux Branch sold the raffle tickets.
  • Stu Shalloway, Balraj Gupta and Norm Coe manned the hospitality table.
  • Howard Davis and Lenore Jacobs greeted Rotarians as they arrived.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.