CONTACT: Gretchen Kearney, Rotary Club of Washington, DC

PHONE: 202-331-8686

DATE: May 2, 2011


Rotary Club of Washington, DC Victimized by Nationwide Check Fraud Scam


In 2009, the Rotary Club of Washington, DC, discovered it was the victim of a check fraud scam being perpetrated by what is believed to be a number of individuals throughout the country.  The checks are being sent to persons who attempt to sell items online. 


The checks are issued in amounts in excess of the item being purchased and the seller is then asked to send the excess to a person through wire transfer. We have been alerted to other similar methods intended to scam money out of unsuspecting inviduals.


Please continue to be vigilant and check with our office if you have any questions.


The checks are fraudulent and the perpetrators are accessing the information about the Rotary Club of Washington, DC from the club's public website. The perpetrators are issuing the checks under the fraudulent signature of the Club's president.


No Rotary Club of Washington, DC or Rotary Foundation of Washington, DC funds have been lost.


The proper local and federal authorities are actively involved.