Hurricane María created health, medical, safety and security hazards, plus additional environmental and socio-economic issues in Puerto Rico. Now it lacks electricity, ICT (cell, Internet) and water services; and is suffering supplies and fuel shortages. Floods and debris are blocking roads. Life went on in darkness, isolation and little means of communication.

To complement first-responders’ efforts, the LIGHT FOR PUERTO RICO PROJECT (LFPR)  will provide 100 vulnerable families in hurricane-devasted Puerto Rico with  3-in-1 solar and crank powered devices (Flashlight, USB enabled cell/tablet charger, night lamp) which runs from 7 to 48 hours on a single charge, providing light and enabling mobile communication from affected people   with  first-responders, medical services and police, as well as their community and individual support systems. The donation has been possible thanks to DCDuckRace funding.  (

This week, a team of Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C.  and the Rotary Club of Arecibo, Puerto Rico worked together to procure the items and  participate in a packaging event in Pentagon Row Mall . Next week, the donations will be sent to Puerto Rico to be distributed to most-in-need families in the rural areas close to Arecibo.