On Saturday, September 29, 15 Rotarians and FOR (friends of Rotarians) participated in Rotary’s first Habitat for Humanity volunteer day.

The day started off with a presentation on how a passive, LEED certified house is constructed and how the systems work together to make these dwellings 90% more efficient than most of the housing stock in the DC area, followed by a tour of the house itself. Just as interesting as the technical description of the house itself was the explanation offered by DC Habitat President Susanne Slater of the complex process of financing and permitting these cutting edge houses. The two houses currently under construction are the very first dwellings in the District of Columbia to qualify for all of these efficiency ratings and there are only 38 others in the entire country to have met the same rigorous efficiency and green construction standards!

Following lunch, most volunteers stayed around for the afternoon work session. If you are interested in finding out more about the day, make sure that you speak with one of the following Rotarians in attendance- Andrew Boyd, Joan Bristol, Josette Conell, Howard Davis, Tim Hurd, Mimi Kanda, Christa McClure, Lisa-Marie Monsanto, Monica Smith, Elena Tscherny and Yoshiko Urakawa. There will be other upcoming Habitat volunteer days. If you are just waiting for the opportunity to exhibit your inner Bob Vila, this is your chance.