What a joy to hand deliver this mini Encyclopedia (The Dictionary) to the 3rd graders. Their curiosity and excitement fills the classroom as you lead them through the Table of Contents and onto fun facts, figures and words.  How they love the longest word in the English language.
You might think that with today's technology, a book isn't that important.  From my experience, that's what makes this book so valuable. Everything's in one place. You don't need a laptop, a smart phone, a desk top computer. All you need is your curious mind.
One of the teachers in an Upper NW school told me she was teaching dictionary skills and only had one dictionary for the class. She was thrilled that each student had their own copy.
From a parent: My two daughters who are in grade 3 at Bancroft Elementary School were so excited yesterday when they came home with student and Spanish / English dictionaries. One of my daughters were asking us to name a president and she would tell us about them and the other daughter wrote her name on the edge and "I [heart] Education!". Thank you very much for your support to children and students in Washington DC. 
A Rotarian volunteer received this email from a teacher....."I just wanted to reach out and THANK YOU for the dictionaries!  My kids are in dictionary heaven!"
Can't beat endorsements.
This is the Club's signature project. It's time consuming, it isn't always easy, BUT it's worth it.
Keep up the good work, Rotarians!
Written by Nancy Riker, President Nominee