You may have heard that our DC Foundation owns a double cemetery plot in Parklawn Cemetery.  This was left to the Foundation by a former member who moved out of town and no longer had a need for the plot.  The Foundation Board has decided that it is appropriate to sell the plots so that the proceeds can be used for charitable purposes. 
The double depth, turf top plots come with a pre-paid bronze memorial and vase and currently sell for around $7,900.00 (if you were to buy the plots from Parklawn).  The Foundation is currently accepting offers for these plots and recognizes that the re-sale value can vary significantly.  If you are interested in finding out more about these plots or would like to make a confidential offer, please contact Foundation President Howard Davis at
Parklawn Cemetery is located at 12800 Veirs Mill Rd. in Rockville and the plots are located in the Garden of Meditation, Block 12, Section 4.