We would like to wish a very happy birthday and congratulations to members celebrating birthdays, club milestones and anniversaries...


The club would like to wish a happy birthday to members celebrating:
Michael Onyemelukwe – December 1
Michael joined Rotary in August 2015.  He was sponsored by Andrew Clark and his classification is Financial Advising.
Samuel Lee Hancock – December 2
Sam joined Rotary in December 2006. He was sponsored by the Honorable Judge Larry Margolis and his classification is Non-Profit: Executive Director.
Tim Hanson – December 12
Tim joined Rotary in January 1990. He was sponsored by Tom Scoggins and his classification is Consulting: Non-Profit.
Natalie Korytnyk Forrester – December 12
Natalie joined Rotary in February 2007.  She was sponsored by Erminia Scarcella and her classification is Peychologist.
Susan Neely – December 20
Susan joined Rotary in June 1990. She was sponsored by Brice Oakley and her classification is Associations: Marketing and Communications.
Matthew Ford – December 27
Matthew joined Rotary in April 2015. He was sponsored by Jennifer Hara and his classification is International Development: Education.
The club would like to wish a happy anniversary to:
Gene Massey – December 1, 1986 (32 years)
Jay Pugh – December 1, 1972 (46 years)
Cherry Baumbusch - December 5, 2006 (12 years)
Carolyn Hessler-Radelet - December 5, 2017 (1 year)
Erminia Scarcella - December 8, 2005 (13 years)
Darren Crew – December 14, 2006 (12 years)
Sam Hancock - December 14, 2006 (12 years)
Maria-Nelly Pavisich - December 24, 2011 (7 years)