April 25th in Washington was a beautiful spring day.  The sky was blue and the flowers were all in bloom.  Hard not to be in a good mood in those conditions!  Shout out to Stronglegs Richardson!  Stronglegs, hope you are well and we miss you!



President Howard called the meeting to order in a timely fashion.  John Jackson gave us words of inspiration with a reminder of the good work done by Chuck Colson since the turbulent years of the early 70s! 


Secretary Jennifer Hara announced the visitors for the week who included the following:  Jessica Hancock, an International Health Analyst with the US Department of Health and Human Services; Lisa McCurdy, managing partner of the Wealth Counselor, both guests of Abe Helal; Ken Kimbrough had a guest, Fred Michaud who is of counsel to Capshaw DeRieux LLP; David Klaus had a guest Brian Summers, the Intergovernmental Affairs Advisor for Chairman Kwame R. Brown of the Council of the District of Columbia;  Judy Freund and her husband Jim attended; Judy is a Rotary District Governor; Memo Grajales had as his guest Diego Grajales, his son!;  Elena Tscherny had as her guest Enrique Honorio, an architect with EDH Architects;  Glynis Long had as her guest Graham Long, her son who is a graduate of Seoul National University.  Dr. Kang, who we miss dearly, was his mentor; Jim Lanning had as his guest Dan Puls who is with International Aid and Development; Estela Landeros-Dugourd brought a guest, Luiz Ary Messina, a doctor of engineering; Estela also had as her guest her daughter, Estela Rueda, a graphic designer; Rob Warne had as his guest Javier Rodriguez, a Development Assistant with the Newseum; and Claudia Lingner attended the meeting and is a visiting Rotarian from Vienna, Austria.


President Howard announced the big news for the day, Estela Landeros-Dugourd has just become a U.S. Citizen and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance!  The Club sang the Star Spangled Banner in her honor.  Congratulations Estela!  We are very proud of your accomplishment!


Rob Warne introduced our guest for the day, Shelby Coffey.  Shelby has had a distinguished career in journalism, much too impressive to do it justice here.  He kept the audience greatly entertained with his personal stories and also of how much journalism has changed in the digital age.  Stories don’t take days to develop, they develop instantly with the likes of the internet and Twitter.  None of is sure whether that’s a good thing or not, given the ease by which questionable news stories get immediately spread far and wide.


David Brady handled the raffle.  Hospitality was handled by Balraj Gupta, Norm Coe and Stu ShallowayGinette Prosper was our greeter and Sheldon Ray won the small pot of the raffle, which I’m sure he’ll donate to the Rotary Foundation of Washington, DC.  The large pot is now $675 so keep playing!


Safe travels for all of those who are heading to the Rotary Convention in Bangkok.  Don’t forget the reception at Ross Grantham’s place!  Sounds like a lot of fun!  Happy birthday to Brian Wright and kudos to the following who had perfect attendance last Month:


Stefan Alber, Kenny Barnes, PP Monica, Myrna Charles, Lisa Cohen, Josette Conell, PP Andy, Pat Corcoran, P Howard, Bill Dent, Shaun English, Gus Gallagher, Peggy Garrett, Balraj Gupta, Violet Habwe, Gail Hamill, Jennifer Hara, Tim Hurd, Davis Kennedy, Ken Kimbrough, PE David, Irene Koerner, Alexander Kravetz, PDG Larry, Clara Montanez, Maria-Nelly Pavisich, PP Jay, Dick Pyle, Sheldon Ray, Antje Ruhfus, Nadia Saad, Peg Schoen, Marjorie Scott, Walter Sechriest, Stu Shalloway, Alexander Sharayera, Bill Simons, Hal Vaughn, Larry Wang, Kathy Ward, Bob Watson, Mark Wilson and Quentin Wodon!