On Saturday, April 13, 2019, Rotary Club of Washington, DC Rotarians, Rotaract Club of Washington, DC Rotaractors, and #FriendsofDCRotaryClub joined thousands of community members to clean up our neighborhoods, parks, streams, and the #AnacostiaRiver as part of the annual Anacostia Watershed Society Cleanup Day. What a great group! We registered for Kenilworth Aquatics Gardens location, a hidden gem and one of more than 10 locations buzzing with volunteer cleanup crews around the area. See the schedule on our #DCRotaryClub website to join us for our next volunteer day!

Our DC Rotary President Lisa McCurdy found one of the most surprising items of the day - a beaver carcass. Thanks to #FriendofDCRotary and President Lisa’s husband, Raymond Hankins, for carting it back to the disposal area. The National Park Service took special interest and possession of the remains. It’s important that we know what caused its death.




We were especially excited to partner with the Anacostia Watershed Society after having issued this innovative organization a grant last year to launch a program cultivating and growing mussels, which will help to clean the #AnacostiaRiver the all natural way, as part of the food chain eating certain debris in the Anacostia.