Aug 23, 2017
David Ballard

Joining the US Foreign Service in 1985, Mr. Ballard’s 30-year career included field posts in Angola, Egypt, Morocco, Mozambique, Portugal, Rwanda and Tunisia as well as positions such as Director of the US Department of State’s Office of Foreign Press and US Army Foreign Policy Advisor. In January 2016, a few months after formally retiring from the Foreign Service, he became a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Reviewer for the State Department. He is responsible for reviewing documents for release under FOIA in response to litigation and/or court orders. His selection for this position reflects his expertise and extensive experience in US foreign policy, diplomatic history and protocol as well as his knowledge of the classification system and of laws and practice related to release of information. Mr. Ballard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Foreign Service and an African Studies Certificate from Georgetown University and a Certificat d’Études Africaines from the National University of the Ivory Coast.