The Robeson Group
May 15, 2019
Romanieo Golphin and Romanieo, Jr.
The Robeson Group

Romanieo Nicholas Golphin, Sr., Educational Strategist & Symphonist, and his wife, Personality Psychologist Dr. Cheri L. Philip, make up the core of an education strategy team called The Robeson Group (, named after polymath, civil rights leader and linguist, Paul Robeson. They developed an educational approach for their son, whereupon science was taught as a second language, leading to Romanieo Jr.’s accelerated understanding and development in Chemistry, Particle Physics and the Arts.

At the age of 5, Romanieo Jr. was able to pass an advanced music theory exam at UNC Chapel Hill's Music Department; at age 7 he was given course materials to start Organic Chemistry classes at the same university. Today, Romanieo Jr. is a Global Science Ambassador and is the first child in history to receiv VIP invitations to three of the world's top scientific and research laboratories:

• LLNL — Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Nuclear Fusion)
• NASA — 5 Sites (Space Sciences)
• CERN — The European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland where Romanieo Jr. was named an Ambassador to CERN's largest particle detector, ATLAS. (Particle Physics)

Romanieo Jr. was named a "Boy Changing The World" by NBC's Today Show and has been invited on all three major television networks as a science educator or presenter. Romanieo Sr. and Cheri continue the tradition of teaching science as a second language with their youngest son, Alam. Their busy year ahead is filled with teaching (homeschool), media projects, book publishing and speaking engagements.