Chairman, Alexander Kartveli Association
Nov 14, 2018
Richard Rubin
Chairman, Alexander Kartveli Association

Richard Rubin created and founded the Alexander Kartveli Association in the former Soviet country of Georgia in 2013 to promote and encourage high school students to pursue STEM and undertake professions that bring them into closer contact with European and American educational scientific and science based organizations.   The story of Alexander Kartveli, a pioneering aviation engineer and innovator who became a US citizen after emigrating from Europe in the late 1920’s and is considered one of the most important aircraft designers in US history, reinforces the need for the development and growth of entrepreneurship and innovation skills both in the scientific community and among students with an interest in STEM in Georgia in today’s world.  In early February 2018, the Alexander Kartveli Association opened the Kartveli Learning Center at the Embassy of Georgia in Washington DC.  

Mr. Rubin is a developmental and emerging market economist and financial expert with over twenty-five years of experience working for private consulting firms, investments banks and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), a United States export credit agency.  Mr. Rubin is founder of his own consulting firm, Project Finance Advisors, that engages in technical and financial diligence for U.S. based companies as well as providing financial diligence service to multilateral credit agencies seeking to structure and verify the creditworthiness of various programs and loans. Mr. Rubin has arranged financing for clients from private equity funds, multilaterals banks, export credit agencies and other sources of capital.

Mr. Rubin’s geographic expertise includes the Caucasus region and Georgia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Northern Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and areas within the Russian Federation.  Mr. Rubin was OPIC’s Senior Finance Office for Russia and the NIS for four years and performed economic diligence and loan negotiations with a number of Russian enterprises as well as Russian government entities.

Mr. Rubin holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, an MA in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BA from Stanford University.