Jul 26, 2017
Ambassador of Myanmar Aung Lynn

Appointed on 18 July 2016, Mr. Lynn is the first career member of the Foreign Ministry to hold the position of Myanmar’s Ambassador to the United States in 50 years. Despite his long, distinguished career in international affairs, Mr. Lynn’s early work was not in diplomacy but rather in geology, the field of his Bachelor’s degree studies at the University of Yangon. He joined his country’s government in 1982 as an assistant engineering geologist in the Ministry of Irrigation. He moved to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1983. During the 1980s, Mr. Lynn served as a third secretary in the ministry, as a consul in Hong Kong and in the embassy in South Africa. While working on his Master’s degree in Public Policy at the National University of Singapore during the mid-1990s, he led the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Political Affairs. From 2004 to 2007, he was a counselor to Burma’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations. By 2011, he was the Director General for the Department of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Affairs. During the months before his assignment in Washington, Mr. Lynn had become Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His diplomatic service to the United States comes at a crucial time as Myanmar experiences the challenges of democratization and re-enters the international community.