Project New Opportunity: Prisoner Reentry into Society
Sep 06, 2017
Norman Brown
Project New Opportunity: Prisoner Reentry into Society

Norman Brown is a returning citizen who just finished serving 24 ½ years in the BOP. He was commuted by President Obama after being sentenced to three life sentences for a non-violent drug offense.

He is now employed as the Deputy Project Director, Project New Opportunity, where he assists people coming home from prison. He also goes to Juvenile Detention Centers five days a week. Under the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Center, he is working with youth, guiding them on how to avoid a life of crime and the pipeline to prison. He completes this work under the organization, Grow-Up Grow Out. While he was incarcerated, he designed classes for BOP in self-improvement, anger management, and coping skills, etc.

Even today, Norman Brown continues to work with others to encourage them to realize the power of thought and transformation. He has participated in numerous panels at the White House, Google, Innovation Lab, and reentry conferences and forums discussing mass incarceration as well as how to rebuild your life after being incarcerated.